We all know summer is prime for when it comes to music festivals. Summer 2015 especially, was one heck of a summer. The lineups were insane and crowds were even crazier. So what happens when the frigid weather arrives? Where do all the crazy ravers and party goers go when the festival season comes to an end? How does one go from spending all day in the sun, listening to your favorite music, with your favorite people, to go back to an average day of work or school?

The answer is…

They don\’t. The post festival depression hits us all so hard we die.

Totally kidding, but I am pretty sure that we can all agree, PFD is a hard condition to cope with.

So how exactly do we get through this musical drought? Well for starters, not ALL festivals come to an end when summer is over. There are plenty (if in dire need) festivals throughout the fall/winter/spring season that you can still attend. Although the hype may not be the same, it can still get you through your festival fix.

For the rest of us that can\’t afford the festival fix during our seasonal break, we have to come up with a solution to get us through the rugged months of brittle weather. Of course, we can take this break to come back to reality, but who wants to do that when sitting around complaining about how we miss the music is so much more fun.

Although if you\’re having complete trouble dealing with PFD, here are some ideas to help you make it through for the time being.

  1. If you ever tend to miss how it felt to be at a three day festival, just roll around in some mud and don\’t shower for a couple of days…The stench will for sure bring back memories.


Ahh smells like home.

2. Re-watch all your concert videos.


Warning, this could make your condition worse.

3. Just think about all the money you\’re saving.


You may be crying because of PFD but you\’re bank account no longer is.

4. Not having to deal with long lines.


Lets all admit, thats one thing festivals can work on.

5. Remember how hard it was to make it to the last day?


Don\’t worry, you now have time to fully recover.


But, no matter how hard we try to deal with it, nothing can ever change the fact that these festivals have been some of the best days of our lives.

Hang in there kiddos.