Taking a dive to write an essay needs long planning. To get essay ideas and to know how to generate ideas you might need some help. Despite having an essay topic idea, you still feel stuck. The following are tips to get you started.

Choose Engaging Topics

Clearly, interesting topics attract your attention. They are, by definition, topics you love and want to know more about. That’s why it’s a great idea to choose engaging topics of special interest to you to write your essay about. Starting by engaging topics will make generating ideas for writing much easier. There are, of course, so many areas you might be interested in – or so little.

Whatever that might be, your brain’s gears will for sure be better greased by ideas you’re familiar with and can build on. Generating ideas is, yes, uneasy and might need some external help. So, even if you’ve got your own ideas yet still unable to develop and edit your paper, use reliable essay writing service at perfectessay.com.

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Do Research Work

Obviously, research is one great way to generate ideas. Often, even brilliant writers are caught cheating ideas by doing research. That’s, they read more about a topic they are writing about. So should you. In looking for ideas to write about your essay topic, mind where you get your ideas from, though. At college, you’re expected to submit quality papers to your instructors according to the stated rubric. Failing to do so will simply cost you grades.

So, pay attention to where you get your topic ideas from. The big difference between generating ideas and just picking up any random idea. After all, your ideas should be organized in an essay form, well written, and properly researched. The research process is time-consuming already. At this point, though,

you’re not supposed to go knee-deep in research. The whole point of doing some research at this point is to get more paper ideas. So, keep it to a minimum at first.


The essay brainstorm process has many forms. You can gather information independently, in a group, or seeking external professional help. In any case, brainstorming could be just as time-consuming as writing is. So, plan ahead and make sure you have all the necessary resources to collect any information you need to write your essay.

For instance, you might need a wooden board to have your sticky notes on. You might need to color code your ideas. You might need to sort out different ideas into separate notes. At first, you might believe you’d be able to get a hold of all your idea. However, as your brainstorming process grows, you’ll find you need better organization. That’s why you should always be prepared to brainstorm. In group brainstorming, you should also make sure specific ideas are discussed so you don’t waste time. If you’re looking for external professional help, be specific about what ideas you need to generate so you’re not overcharged. Ultimately, brainstorming is one most common – and effective – way to generate ideas to write your essay.

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Revisit Your Prompt

At college, you have prompts to write your essays. Often, you read your prompts very quickly and miss some critical points your instructor might have meant to make. If you’re knee-deep in your idea generation process, get back again to your prompt. This will save you much time trying to make up for anything you’ve missed not reading your prompt carefully. More, prompts often include insights instructors intentionally include so you get started in your essay writing process. So, instead of looking elsewhere, just look at your prompt first. Better to be sorry during your brainstorming or even writing process then when you’ve submitted your essay.

Go Out

Time is precious at college. Invest your time wisely. Don’t waste your energy on meaningless stuff. These are examples of pieces of advice you hear a lot while at college. Now you’re asked to go out when you’ve to brainstorm for your essay. Yes. You should go out and have a little break. Trust me, pouring over brainstorm will only get you more out of touch. This might be counterintuitive. Matter of fact is, the more refreshed you’re the more receptive you’re too new ideas. You’ll get to know this more during your research phase of your paper. If you’re asking how to write an essay fast, or brainstorm for one, then you should have a break.

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Role Play

There are many types of essays you’re asked to write at college. In some cases, essays are so complex you’d need to figure out a creative way to get started. For instance, essays about complex natural ecosystems might need you to use some imagination to write. This is where role play comes in. Inviting your classmates or friends to role play a certain scenario will help you generate more ideas in more visual ways. The use of role-playing is, of course, very useful – and intuitive – for film majors who’re asked to write an essay about, say, a certain character. Now, you got it.

The whole point of role play is to help you generate ideas in a more creative and fun way.

Speed Writing

Now, your submission deadline is so close you barely have any time to brainstorm. Instead, you just have to get down to writing – right away. This is, basically, speed writing. I’d not recommend speed writing for anyone or in any situation. This is just for extreme emergencies. In speed writing, your ideas are flashing by in your mind so fast you barely can sort them out to get organized. This is good news, at least for idea generation. The downside is, you’ll need to have a lot of editing once you’re done writing. More, you might even need to cross out whole paragraphs of gibberish so your essay is acceptable.

Once again, do not do speed writing unless you’re really under a very tight deadline and have no other options. Later, you might be really amazed at how you’ve so many ideas flowing when you’ve always struggled with one. Don’t let this delude you into thinking you’re going to do away with it – again. Forget it. If you’re in luck, your speed-written essay will get a C. There are so many ways you can generate ideas for your essay one of last resort is speed writing.

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Generating ideas for your essay needs planning, practice, and patience. Picking an engaging topic you like is one good start. So is doing research and brainstorming. You might also need to revisit your prompt, go out, role-play, or, as a last resort, speed-write. Ultimately, make sure your generated ideas mesh well with your essay topic.