In this masked world, when people are packed in their homes, they do need some relaxation after doing household chores. Same is the case with students, online classes and online tuitions have really made their life miserable. To escape from this depressing world, extra-curricular activities are the best companion. There are millions of courses on the net that can boost our thinking capacity, and we can also have some fun time. Try learning a new skill in this pandemic world to lead a better life. Here are a few extra-curricular courses you can attend online:

1. Art

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Every one of us have sketched, painted, or colored once in a lifetime, either willingly or unwillingly. Art is not bounded to sketching or painting, instead art is everywhere. Art is the best therapy to relax one’s mind, plus they can also express themselves. In this modern era, there are millions of new techniques and methods, from mandalas to canvas, everything is at your doorstep. Moreover, experts say that art makes one happy, so why don’t we use art to escape from this gloomy and sad world. Fill life with colors!

2. General Knowledge

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Everyone loves those who are updated with the latest news and the current happenings of the world. So why don’t we enhance our general knowledge in this free time? General knowledge generally comes from newspapers, daily news, or books, but in this era of technology, we can know about everything through Google and other social media apps. For example, Wikipedia, being one of the most recommended websites to search for anything in detail. Moreover, Instagram also has several pages or accounts whose sole aim is to provide factual and general knowledge to people. On just one click, we can know about anything, so let’s start it from today.

3. Article or Blog Writing

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Ever tried writing articles or blogs? If not, then now is the time to enhance our writing skills. While the world is getting digital and expressive, then writing blogs and sharing our views is the best way to cope up with the world. In this global pandemic, everyone shares their views and express their feelings, so why not we try it as well? We are surrounded by a list of apps where we can write our articles or blogs and further convey it to people. Moreover, one can also try taking free online courses on content writing and become a pro.

4. New Language

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Learning a new language is better than sitting idly or watching TV. Learning a new language can never be useless as it is said, leaning never makes anyone an idiot. It is especially advisable for students who have completed their high school education and are moving towards the university. Many foreign universities give a discount to those students who know how to speak in their native language, for example, Germany. Adults can also learn new languages, even though it will not be as useful to them as to the kids, but it will be fun. Feel free to speak!

5. Skype Music Lessons


Everyone loves music, some like jazz, so some prefer rock, while some play classical. There are so many types of tunes and songs, some touch our heart, so some touch our soul. Imagine that we can play any song we want, isn’t that great? Music is an art that requires a peaceful mind. We interpret music with a song, which is partially incorrect. A song is played with lyrics, while music is just a noise of one or more instruments. Today it is very popular to have music lesson classes via Skype, thanks to websites such as So you have every possibility to learn it, you just need to try.

6. Physical Fitness

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‘A healthy body leads to a healthy mind’. Nowadays we can’t go out to play cricket or go jogging, but that doesn’t mean we will stop our daily workout. It is more dangerous for a person’s health if he or she stops their daily workout suddenly and do nothing. This can lead to several mental and physical illnesses, such as obesity, depression, stress, weight gain, etc. If it is not possible to go out for exercise, then keep the body fit by practicing inside the house. Furthermore, there are hundreds of YouTube tutorials for indoor exercise, just follow one, and you’re done.

7. Cooking

Learning how to cook the basic dishes can be the ultimate target for us in this global pandemic. Cooking is a gift which is given to everyone, we just have to find which dish we are good at because everyone has their own specialty. Some people make mouth-watering desserts whilst some make delicious rice, few are good at lasagnas and stuff, while some like making fast foods. Even if you are good at making noodles, then do not be ashamed of that, try something creative and add flavors to it, then everyone will surely love it. Use YouTube as a companion and as a helper.

8. Meditation

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Yoga or meditation is not just a workout that helps us stay physically fit and healthy, but it also keeps us mentally stable. This pandemic has led to many losses or sub-normal profits in several businesses, because of which many businessman are suffering from depression, and stress. Depression is just a first step, with depression comes many health problems as well, which also includes high blood pressure and diabetes. Doing regular yoga will let our souls calm down, and it will help us positively look at the world. Everyone faces problems, winners are those who counter those problems, and so be a winner!

Everyone’s lifestyle has changed due to this pandemic, some are getting worse, whilst some are getting better. Involving in different activities and chores, this idle routine can get a busy lifestyle. Though there are many restrictions by the law, do obey them, but that doesn’t mean that we change ourselves. A wise man has said, ‘This too shall pass’, let’s just stay abide with this formula. Stay home, stay happy!