In most cases, when students are given an argumentative assignment, they start thinking of the ways through which they can come with great content. Argumentative essays are designed to develop ideas through which students can prove their points in ways that are reasonable and logical. A student can spare their time to look at other argumentative assignments written by their peers to gain a good understanding of how to come up with a great argumentative essay. It is important to note that it is challenging to come up with a great argumentative essay without being familiar with the outstanding hacks and ideas you need to have.

An argumentative essay is one of the college written assignments where the writer is supposed to convince the readers about a particular concept or stance. Many students may wonder, how do you come up with a good argumentative essay? It goes without any reasonable doubt that coming up with a great argumentative essay will not be as easy as ABC. However, with the simple hacks provided in this article, an individual can do it more effectively and within a short duration. One of the essential elements of any academic paper is striking a balance between the evaluation of the problem, the gathered facts, and the use of a persuasive tone in creating the content. This essay will provide you with outstanding hacks that will help you in coming up with a great argumentative essay.

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Select a substantial argumentative essay topic

Generally, every person has their own opinions. However, it would be best if you came up with a way that will aid in narrowing down your opinions hence making them unique. It would be best if you strived to write about something that not only brings you inspiration but also which you are passionate about. It would help if you were careful not to select a topic that you are so passionate about that it will make you lose sight of the facts. You should always ensure that there is a solid ground where you can base your arguments. Upon the selection of the topic, you should note down your points centered on both sides of the argument. In most scenarios, writing about something that does not spark your interest has more disadvantages because it may seem boring or arduous to you as the writer. This is the major reason why most experienced individuals will always advise you to go with a topic that you can relate with to ensure that your major purpose for writing will not only be limited to convincing your audience but also learning new things about the topic and arguing from an informed point of view.

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Come up with a good introduction and a clear thesis

It would be best if you always strived to come up with an introduction that captures the attention of the reader. The introduction should make the reader yearn to know the unfolding of events. To capture the attention of the reader, the writer may begin their argumentative essay with a quote or an interesting question. According to this website, every introduction should include a thesis statement, which in most academic papers, it is found in the first paragraph of the written content. It is important to come up with a clear thesis statement since it provides a sense of direction to the readers on the thought process they ought to follow while they read. A thesis statement is used to direct the minds of the readers the way the writer wants to, and hence, it is important to make maximum use of it. When you are presenting your main arguments, it is important to go back to your thesis statement and use it to ensure that your major purpose is met as stated. Customize all your arguments with regard to the statement to make sure that you do not stray away from the main point.

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Create your content based on facts and statistics

To come up with a great argumentative paper, you should always strive to avoid biased statements as much as possible. Anytime you make a statement, you should back it up with clear statistics, ideas, and facts. Performing thorough research is one of the ways through which individuals can obtain facts about a certain topic.

You should strive as much as possible to know almost everything there is that needs to be known about the argument. This means that you should understand why and what you are arguing about. The reason why you should have a good understanding of your argument is just in case there is a proof that may ruin your argument, you will not only be able to shield your points but also ricochet them back. As you conduct your research, it is also important that you take your time to read the arguments presented by other authors even if they contradict your own.

Not only does this offer you with the chance to create better arguments or counter those that you deem incomplete, but it also broadens your line of thought and helps you to convince the reader in a better manner. Although argumentative essays should boldly present your arguments and convince your readers to support your arguments, they should also dedicate some small parts to the opinion of others in a bid to show just how good and strong your arguments actually are in terms of informed opinion and research.  

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Do be afraid of the other side’s opinion

The body of the paragraph should contain the main ideas of your essay. You should ensure that you provide more detailed information about other sides of the topic and thereafter provide your standpoint. A good writer is aware that every topic has advantages and disadvantages and that different authors will other different information based on their beliefs and research. As a result, instead of getting worried that the disadvantages will disapprove of the advantages, it is important always to make use of facts. You should not be so worried if it is about something that you are not in a position to disapprove of. You may proceed to state that the disadvantages also have merit, which is, however, outshined by the advantages.

In essence, you should not be afraid to bring out information about the other side of the coin. Providing information on both sides means that you did thorough research. The skills that are needed to convince readers that your position is the best ultimately take over when you investigate and write about conflicting viewpoints, and you will always write better when you know what other people have to say about a given topic.

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Leave the readers thinking

It is important when writing an argumentative essay to base your ideas on the thesis statement. Generally, anytime you create academic content, you should ensure that you finish your work with words that leave an impact. You may decide to finish your argumentative essay with a statement or a question that invokes thoughts. Notably, with the right statement or question, you will keep the mind of the reader wanting to know the unfolding of events.

The use of argumentative essays is usually a great way of invoking new ideas into the minds of the readers, which leaves them in a better position of choosing between two competing sides. In most cases, most writers will take a controversial topic and present an attractive and engaging argument to attain this effect. Most readers are interested to learn new things, and there is definitely power in using this to your advantage to make your paper more interesting. DO not just write, ensure that your mind is aware of the interesting and controversial facts that you present. If it makes you curious or interested, it will definitely have the same impact on your audience.

Writing an argumentative essay can present an individual with diverse challenges. However, with the above outstanding hacks, an individual can complete writing a great argumentative essay within a short duration and with minimal effort. Some of the tips that may aid in coming up with a great argumentative essay are; ensuring that the selected topic is solid, there is a clear thesis statement, both sides of the argument are represented, and ensuring that the readers are left thinking. The use of argumentative essays from professionals is a great way of convincing readers into agreeing with what the writer wants.