With major vocal hits such as \”Dare You\” and \”Arcadia\”, it makes sense that Hardwell would want to experiment with new sounds, especially with a debut artist album in the works and nearing completion – and his latest single is just that. Teaming up with vocalist Chris Jones, Hardwell\’s new tune \”Young Again\” features a new country-like introduction leading into the catchy and progressive melody and drop. Hardwell first dropped this one during his set at Ultra Japan this year, which got many people wondering if it was an upcoming Revealed ID, or better yet, a new Hardwell single and our answer is here. Hardwell made the official announcement during the 188th episode of Hardwell On Air, and many of his fans are excited for the upcoming release which has not been given a date. It sounds very close to some of the work Avicii has done, and look at where that got him in the past year. ¬†Could this be the one that takes Hardwell on air, literally? Check out the preview from HOA below, and be sure to check back on information regarding the release.

Hardwell feat. Chris Jones – Young Again | October 20th