We\’re back for our second installment of Friday Freebies. This week, we\’re focusing on a genre that has taken over the spotlight in our dance music sphere.

Young SoundCloud phenoms like Flume and Hayden James share some similarities; not only are they both based in Sydney, Australia, but they\’ve both pushed the Future Bass (also known as Future or Australian Trap) genre to extents farther than imagined. This genre has emerged over the last two summers and everyone is hopping on board, for better or worse.

Regardless, there\’s no doubt that this almost new style of music is a great thing for dance music, as if the labeled \”Trap\” genre has evolved to implement beautiful, more immersing sounds. It also brings out the true talents of new producers taking on this genre. Give it a listen.

Friday Freebies: Weekend of October 10th, 2014

Raury – God\’s Whisperer (Flosstradamus & Aryay Remix)

We kick things off this weekend with our hometown heroes Flosstradamus taking on a new taste. We\’re used to \”turning up\” with their heavy and energetic hip-hop beats, but no one could have predicted this to come from them. Remixing a gospel song and taking on an unfamiliar genre and at the same time keeping the constant energy? This one is definitely worth checking out (and downloading) if you haven\’t already. Support the local homies!

Check it out and download it here:

Bassnectar & Jantsen – Lost In The Crowd (LOCOJA Remix)

The King of Sound is back with another remix; ever heard of LOCOJA? Well, we haven\’t either up until now. LOCOJA stands for Lorin (Bassnectar) collabs with Jantsen. They take a happier, more fluid approach to the bass-heavy track originally in Lo\’s Noise vs. Beauty album.

Get lost in the music and download or listen here:

In Case You Missed It:

This week\’s ICYMI comes from a remix done for the lovely Alison Wonderland courtesy of GANZ. This has to be my favorite Future Bass-orientated track. GANZ sits as a worthy contender for being one of the most innovating and impressive producers in the Future sound.

Check out \”I Want U (GANZ Flip)\” or download it here:


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