As we enter Miami Music Week, it\’s no surprise to see many artists and labels drop tons of new music for eachother to play during the plethora of sets this week, however, this surprise drop from \”Run Wild\” had us taken aback. Hardwell recently dropped his new single, \”Run Wild\”, featuring Jake Reese a few weeks ago, and it was met with some serious criticism. Many thought this single signaled Hardwell\’s official abandonment of electro house, going straight for big room altogether. However, with the latest release of the alternative mix to Run Wild, we can say that\’s not the case. Gone are the hard-hitting synths, this one is a full melodic rework of the original, and we\’re left wondering why this one wasn\’t the official single in the first place. While Headhunterz is reportedly a co-producer on this one, it\’s definitely a contender for one of Hardwell\’s best tracks in recent years. The alternative mix is currently only available in Russia via iTunes, so we\’re wondering if Hardwell is saving this one for his final track when he closes out his Ultra Miami set this Saturday. While the new mix is unavailable to purchase, we\’ve obtained it and have a stream running exclusively below. What are your thoughts on this version of Hardwell\’s tune? Let us know.

Hardwell feat. Jake Reese – Run Wild (Alternative Mix) | iTunes (RU)

Image Credit: YourEDM