With their Death to Genres Vol. 2 EP dropping last week, GTA made an effort to give out a brand new free track to everyone who supported and purchased the album, provided they sent their receipt to the email GTA sent out. Well, folks waited for the free track to come, and it was finally sent out last night. For a special surprise, GTA dropped their highly anticipated bootleg of \”Ayla Part 2\” by Ayla, a classic Trance tune that\’s been a fan favorite for decades. Unfortunately, the free track isn\’t available for everyone, but if you purchase the EP (which is really good!) and send in your reciept to [email protected], I\’m sure you won\’t be disappointed. Until you\’re able to secure your own copy of GTA\’s new EP, as well as the Ayla bootleg, you can stream it in its entirety below.

Ayla – Ayla Pt. 2 (GTA \’Pt. 3\’ Bootleg)Send DTG, Vol. 2 Reciept to [email protected]