EDM\’s most successful ghost producer, Maarten Vorwerk, has done the behind the scenes work for some of the biggest main stage acts in the scene. Therefore, it\’s no surprise that he acts as the creative side for several EDM acts earnestly campaigning for a coveted spot in the DJ Mag Top 100. Vorwerk took to Twitter jokingly asking fans to vote for him in the upcoming poll before teasing the possibility of releasing some old tracks he\’d produced. Vorwerk has always stated his path as a ghost producer is the career in EDM he\’d always wanted, and nothing more. However, after teasing the possibility of showing off some of his unreleased work, the positive response from fans coerced him into releasing even more content. While this does not necessarily mean Vorwerk will continue releasing songs under his own name as an established act, the possibility of this has never been more likely. Whatever becomes of it, any insight into the mind of such a successful producer is cause for appreciation.

Check out the highlights from Maarten Vorwerk\’s Twitter reveals below, and follow him to stay up to date on the hottest production trends in EDM.

https://t.co/veMcaxVXBl #Unreleased #2003 #Jump

— Maarten Vorwerk (@MaartenVorwerk) July 8, 2015

ok, here we go.. https://t.co/uMvvQbg64l Don't forget to read the description!

— Maarten Vorwerk (@MaartenVorwerk) July 9, 2015

I imagined it would be cool to make some sort of music that could fit the closing credits of any action movie https://t.co/FOc5YgikzB #2006

— Maarten Vorwerk (@MaartenVorwerk) July 9, 2015

Final one for today.Another lost track I produced in 2009. Genre"Lento Violento".People were just not ready for this https://t.co/8qMXjSU8wf

— Maarten Vorwerk (@MaartenVorwerk) July 9, 2015