Before I go into this, I just need you all to know for sure. If you haven\’t heard of or know just a little bit about these boys, I\’m gonna need you to do your research before you read any further. GTA, Getter and Josh Pan are three names that you simply need to know to fully respect what happened just a month ago.

Holy Ship! has always been a culmination of extreme talent, both behind turntables and behind organic instruments. Some of the best DJ sets in the game have come from this awesome cruise line-festival hybrid that spans every genre, with the likes of Porter Robinson, A-Trak, Odesza and Flosstradamus, just to name a few. Well, this year, two of the strongest personalities on the OWSLA roster teamed up with the Miami based trap duo to give us…\”DJing on Acid Ep. 1\”

Just take a guess on what the title means and throw yourself into this insane mix. The classic Josh Pan introduction leads into a fast paced mix of pure insanity. Unreleased tracks are tossed around left and right as the tempo and mood goes from \”chillin\” to \”lets beat an infant with a stick\” in the span of mere seconds. This mix is literally a living example of what Skrillex aimed for with OWSLA, as these guys literally push the limits of both EDM and what could be considered cohesive mixing. In between the wild genre spanning drops and the nice sprinkled narrations thrown into the mix for good measure, I\’d argue this one of, if not the most unique mix I have ever heard come out of Holy Ship!.

I can\’t say enough good things about this mix…you just gotta experience it for yourself. Get a good pair of earbuds or speakers, sit down, and hit that play button, and tell us what you think in the comments section.