At this rate, NorCal-based producer G Jones is bound to have an incredible year.

Fresh from his huge remix of Don\’t Hate The 808, this promising beat-maker was then invited to open for Bassnectar at his New Year\’s Eve celebration. Though this wasn\’t out of coincidence; there was a reason G Jones would go on to share the same stage as one of dance music\’s greatest.

It\’s unimaginable as a rising star to kick off 2015 that way, but Bassnectar had a definite reason for including him in the NYE show: G Jones packs a punch. This punch ironically consists of a sub kick that\’ll blow your speakers into smithereens; frankly, these originals are packed with some of the best sub bass I\’ve heard in a while. A punch so strong that he has been called up to open for Bassnectar again at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre later this year.

The originals I\’m talking about, 19 to be exact, compose this 40-minute mix he has released today. While it mainly keeps the hip-hop vibe to it, this mix is filled with surprises. Whether it\’s the use of a mind-bending 303 acid synth or the grimy dubstep-included basslines, G Jones has made it clear that he\’s been pushing his personal studio to the limits. Add some unexpected collaborations that surely bridge the gap between West Coast beat culture and UK grime, and you\’ve got a firm grip on what the future holds for an up-and-coming G Jones.

You can listen and download the simple-titled \”new beats 2015\” mix below for free; Tuesdays do not get much better for bass-lovers than this. Be sure to keep an eye out for G Jones and remember: you heard it here first.

[FREE DOWNLOAD] \”new beats 2015\” by G Jones

If you\’re enjoying this mix as much as I am, be sure to show some love to G Jones as he makes a stop in Chicago on Thursday, February 12th. He will be playing at the Beauty Bar; it\’s a 21+ show and tickets are only $5. You better believe I\’ve got 5 on it!

[EVENT INFO] G Jones @ Beauty Bar (02/12/15)