Today, Ultra Music Festival announced \’Resistance\’; a stage dedicated to techno and other underground genres of electronic music.

EDM has evolved in the past year. With the ever increasing popularity of more sophisticated sounds like deep house, fans and strangers alike have begun to realize that just because there\’s a DJ on stage instead of a band, it doesn\’t mean every song has to be a raucous mix of loud and louder. EDM really only has to make you do one thing: dance.

Back in the late 80\’s when electronic music first came on the scene, there weren\’t any programs like Ableton or Logic, and producing dance music required a lot of technical know-how as well as money to either purchase modular synthesizers or rent studio time to use another\’s.

This technical inconvenience lead to earlier dance music being much simpler and much more raw. There were no melodic vocal breaks or blazing synth passages, and each track produced was usually around ten minutes long. These bare yet solid beats eventually became known as Techno. Techno then continued to reverberate through the evolution of electronic music. It\’s simplistic nature allowed producers to experiment with endless different sounds giving rise to sub genres like tech house and UK garage.

When Ultra Music Festival announced phase 1 of its lineup earlier this month, many fans were surprised in the good way. Other than expected favorites like Tiesto and David Guetta topping the list, there were more underground names among them.

Names like Dixon, Marco Bailey, and Sasha.

While these artists are all incredibly talented, none of them come close to the mainstream appeal of Avicii or Alesso, even though they were all on the scene long before either of them. Ultra has always included Carl Cox and other such techno legends on their massive lineups, but as electronic music becomes more sophisticated, Ultra has seen fit to give techno and underground house the proper amount of attention.

Here is how Ultra Music Festival defines \’Resistance\’:

\”It’s the urge to go against the grain, to step out of the box, to move away from the norm and challenge yourself to experience something new– to break down boundaries and barriers and abandon your comfort zone– to be able to open your eyes and ears to an undiscovered realm of electronic music.\”

Will you join the Resistance?

Ultra Music Festival will take place March 27-29 in Miami, Florida. Tickets
Check out the full artist roster for the stage below.