Up next in Crywolf’s OBLIVIØN [Reimagined] series, musical enigma Fytch is bringing his distinctive sound to Crywolf’s track “QUIXOTE.”

Much like Crywolf, Fytch is a trailblazer in the electronic space, marrying elements of rock and electronica in order to create a soundscape that is simultaneously of this earth and otherworldly. Incorporating digital production with techniques from his classical music background, Fytch’s sound is constantly evolving to create music that makes people feel.

On his choice to remix “QUIXOTE,” Fytch writes that he was “particularly captivated by the hypnotic rhythm guitar line in the intro.” He continues, “the way the song then opens up with those beautiful harmonies in the middle is a treat, and I simply couldn’t resist taking my own spin on it.”