If you are thinking of going on a cleaning spray then there is a lot that you need to consider first. Whether it is a sofa set aur curtain, cleaning upholstery will require you to be a little vigilant during the process for good results. This article will be talking about the answered rules that will make the cleaning process a success.

We will be listing some of the most common mistakes people tend to make when they are cleaning upholstery for the first time. Do not fret for we will all so tell you how to avoid them and get good results without damaging any of your belongings.

1. Ignoring the Manufacturer’s Guidelines


If you have just bought furniture or a mattress, it would have come with cleaning instructions and other guidelines on how to maintain it. You do not need to go over the top with the maintenance so use the furniture as you usually do. If you want to understand more about upholstery maintenance, check out this website.

But the cleaning guidelines are usually different for different products. This is so because manufacturers provide their customers with new designs that might be harder to clean if the proper instructions are not followed.

There are many things that you can do yourself but cleaning upholstery in certain cases can be tricky if you disregard the manufacturer’s guidelines. So the next time you are cleaning upholstery just open the instruction booklet, if any, and prevent possible damage to your property.

2. Not Doing a Test Patch


Whenever you are cleaning upholstery or any fabric for that matter you should be doing a test patch beforehand. Cleaning a test patch is a common practice because people want to check whether their cleaning product is compatible with the fabric.

Rather than damaging the entire piece of furniture or the cotton, you would want to see the compatibility. If you have had the same furniture for a while and you have cleaned before then you do not need to do a test patch as long as you are using the same methods. Doing a test patch is especially important when harsh cleaning materials are going to be used.

One might think that doing a test patch will ruin the fabric anyways if the compatibility does not match. One way in which you can prevent damage to your upholstery is by choosing an area which is not visible overtly. Always to the hidden section rather than a visible one if you can help it.

3. Using Too Much Water


Another preventable mistake that people often make is using too much water during the cleaning process. For instance, if you are cleaning your sofa set then soaking entire questions for the set into water will be a bad idea.

Soaking up the entire sofa set will be difficult for you to manage because it is filled with cotton or sponge that will soak up all the water. Because the water will be soaked very deep it will be difficult to air it out or dry it entirely even if you put it in the sun. It is neither feasible nor convenient to put the sofa set in the sun for days on end.

Too much water can be a curse as it will not help in cleaning but will only make the sofa set heavier to move. Furthermore, there is a greater chance of your upholstery getting subjected to bacteria or mold. You should not give a breeding ground for microorganisms in your upholstery. So try to use little water and clean it on the surface as much as possible because there is not much you can do when it comes to the feeling of the sofa set or any other upholstery.

4. Not Hiring Professionals


As much as you may think that you can do the cleaning yourself, sometimes one has to accept that professional help is required. Many people make the mistake of being too stubborn about the cleaning process and see hiring professionals as a defeat of their own capabilities.

But it is not as simple as that. Your goal behind cleaning your home is to make it a better area for living. The professionals you are hiring will help you achieve that goal in a shorter period without a lot of fuss. If you are feeling under confident and would like some additional help then hiring professionals is not a bad idea.

It is not a reflection of how well you manage your home or whether you are able to clean the house yourself. Cleaning upholstery can be tricky and rather than damaging your furniture it is best to choose the right alternative.

5. Not Understanding Cleaning Techniques


If you are going in without adequate knowledge of how to clean upholstery, you will be in for a disappointment. Try to be aware of different cleaning techniques because sometimes all you need to do is clean a spill or any other stain in a small area of the fabric.

Not understanding the cleaning techniques will make you more likely to use the wrong method and do more harm than good. This is the reason why you should not hesitate in contacting professionals. Their cleaning methods are tried and tested on several different fabrics. They will be less likely to damage your upholstery especially if you do not know where to begin or how to continue.

The Takeaway

These five furniture and upholstery cleaning mistakes are completely avoidable if you are vigilant. Try to gain as much knowledge about cleaning methods and techniques as possible before beginning. It also falls on your shoulders to make the executive call all of hiring professionals if the need arises.

Differentiating between different cleaning techniques and the impact of different cleaning products on fabrics is essential for the regular maintenance of both furniture and upholstery. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you are at least aware of the mistakes to avoid them.