We got straight into speaking to Investo, a newly turned progressive house producer who has just released a thrilling single with Tara McDonald. Having come from a techno and house background, we wanted to find out more about his transition to a new genre, and what inspires his writing.

Working with Tara McDonald must have been exciting, how did you go about writing \”A Place To Go\”?

Before I met Tara I had a really nice instrumental track ID that I was working on. Then my team proposed that we need a really big feature for this one and along came Tara. She liked the idea right from the start, but of course as with any collaboration there was quite a bit back and forth. Within a months time, we pulled it off though.

This track is dropping on Down To Earth Music, what was the process like of getting your music signed?

Anyone who has tried to release music, especially in the beginning, knows how hard it is to get his music signed. Sometime it is even difficult to get your music heard! Anyhow with my label, I was lucky that they wanted to get an EDM producer on board and I had a few good instrumental tracks already finished, which did the trick for me. Two of those are available for free download on my Facebook fan page and on SoundCloud. Check them out.

Where do you take your musical influences outside of the electronic genre?

When growing up I was very much into rock music and I was the drummer of my own school band. Quickly I became the high school DJ and of course when that happened, I thought I was really cool and I dropped out from my rock band. But it was only until I went to college and 50 cent was really huge then and I started listening to his music. I then realised that even though house music was my first preference and what I used to listen in my car, I have so much to gain from all different genres. I can\’t pinpoint one artist but U2 is definitely my favorite band!

Do you have any plans to release an EP or even maybe an album in the future?

For now I am focusing on mostly releasing singles; a few more commercial sounding tunes and more big room/festival tracks.

Finally, do you prefer being creative in the studio or being behind the decks?

First I was a DJ and then learned how to produce. I love being in the studio and especially working with talented people like Tara; I actually really enjoy the technical aspect of producing and I have even designed our studio. I definitely enjoy entertaining a big crowd more though!

You can purchase a copy of \”A Place To Go\” here.