Dark and deep. There\’s no other way to describe this remix of  Sarah Jaffe\’s \”Don\’t Disconnect.\”

While this may not be the first time we\’ve presented music by Mike Bugout, it\’s never been done like this. Released under a new alias, the New York-based producer didn\’t think his rendition would flow well under his already-established track stream, and thus Blackvich was born.

Leading with a \”what goes up must come down\” mantra, his second musical persona expresses the inevitability of big-room anthems simmering down to the core of deep house elements.

\”At the end of the day, house music is about a beat and a groove for me, and I think this remix really embodies that,\” says Mike.

And the artist isn\’t the first to do it, especially during this current change in dance music, but he\’s created a remix that makes him stand out from a handful of producers who have yet to get it right. We can expect Blackvich to keep pushing boundaries with his deeper sound, since the producer has already talked about dropping some original work under his second name. Oh, and if you\’re worried about where his Mike Bugout production was headed, don\’t worry: he plans on holding onto both identities and is even in the midst of remixing a single that is out under Ultra at the moment.

There are big plans set for this New Yorker, but a lot of what\’s to come begins with this remix right here: