Wyatt Noise draws in the talents of Oxford local boy GDS to round off the year in formidable fashion with two accomplished tracks of crystal clear, dynamic D&B designed to keep us warm on the dance floor during the coming winter months.

The Haunting’ opens with a sumptuous, autumnal melancholy that lures us in for the long haul, dropping the drums and hardline bass in style. One for the late night, heads down marching crew, ‘The Haunting’ is a tough piece but with a beautifully delicate arrangement that sets it above the rest.

GDS then brings a little bit of summertime back on ‘Time Travel’, opting for some sunshine keys and smooth, blissed out pads that ride over a running break until a warm undulating b-line carries things forward to the end. A classy release from the Wyatt Noise boys.

Released: 08/12/2014