After an earth shattering 2014 Executioner Tour and Safe In Sound Festival in Milwaukee, midwest Excision fans have been waiting for a full length album like this. Excision being known for his heavy bass, metal, and hip-hop influenced styles hasn\’t released an album since X Rated in 2011. Despite having many Shambhala mixes and singles, it\’s always nice to hear a full length album from Jeff. It gives fans a glimpse of what the future has to hold for  him, and sets the tone for the new year. February 3rd 2015, Codename X was released to the public. And on the largest private fan-based fan group \”Excision Exorcized Executioners\”, the response was outstanding!

Including collaborations with Space Laces, Dion Timmer, Downlink, and Pegboard Nerds, the album has many different styles to offer. Recently releasing Night Shine with a great fan response, the song now has over 11 thousand likes on SoundCloud. The album in whole does not disappoint, it is mostly hard and heavy with songs like \”Bring the Madness\” and \”X Up\”, the softest songs being \”Interstellar\” and \”Float Away\”. \”Shadow Flame\” and \”Live Wire\” are my personal favorites.

If  you missed Excision\’s show at Concord Music Hall on January 30th, be sure to see him in Milwaukee March 27th including his Executioner stage. Keep in mind he didn\’t have the Executioner for his Chicago show, so Milwaukee will be the only and LAST Executioner show in the midwest.  You can purchase tickets here.