LA native and Harvard grad, Tim Wu, better known to his fans as Elephante has bee making quite a name for himself as a producer since the release of his 2016 EP ‘I Am Elephante’. Now just two years later, Elephante has carefully cultivated his latest masterful EP, ‘Glass Mansion’. The new album will feature five unreleased tracks along with his already successful 2017/18 releases like ‘Troubled’, ‘Come Back For You’, and ‘Have it All’.

An album rich with collaborative minds, ‘Glass Mansion’ features the likes of Anjulie, Nevve, and Knigthly to name a few. But what really makes this album unique is that it features Elephante’s masterful production along with his own featured vocals and live guitar in the mix.

‘Glass Mansion’ shows Elephante’s ability to remain outside of the confines of any one genre. Bridging the gap between pop and house, future and electro; ‘Glass Mansion’ is truly an experience of music exploration.