Music festivals are a place we go to escape the harsh world and surround ourselves with peace, love, unity and respect. However, over the last few years, we\’ve been seeing a certain fashion trend more and more that is taking away from the positive experience and it is about time it stopped.

Electric Forest has decided to ban attendees from wearing American Indian headdresses. The festival has included this new rule under the Festival Guidelines on their website.

The Michigan festival has also added that threatening signs and apparel will not be permitted. This is most likely a response to last year\’s incident when an attendee felt that waving the confederate flag  was a good idea.

In the guidelines, the organizers stress their support for the diversity and creativity of apparel and signs but also the importance of inclusiveness.

Read the full statement below:

\"\"Electric Forest will take place June 23-26 in Rothbury, Michigan.


Photo via Aoxoa.