MaRLo has left his mark on dance floors, top charts, and in his audience\’s hearts. Dutch born and Australian raised, MaRLo has worked and grown to the #1 trance DJ in Australia. Continuing onward to word-wide recognition, he has expanded his own sound and developed a fan base like no other. Thankfully, during EDC NY, I got the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with the trance mastermind himself. So take a look!



What was originally the one thing that made you want to start your career in the music industry?

MaRLo: I think there is always a pinnacle moment that turns off a switch. I\’ve always been super creative. I loved to draw when I was a kid and I started doing computer animation which linked in with my drawings. But my passion actually soon had me discover that I loved making the sound effects for the animations, making me realize that I was more focused on the music. The first time I realized I wanted to perform was when I went to Trance Energy, a big event in Holland. I got a job simply carrying record boxes for all the big DJs. All my heroes were there and there was a moment when I took one of the DJs on stage, I looked out and saw over 25,000 people, all enjoying the same moment in music. My goal was never to be the biggest or the most successful. My goal was to always do what I love to do.

Is there a particular artist who you looked up to?

MaRLo: I don\’t think I could pinpoint it to one person. I do have to give a shout-out to Armin van Buuren because of the support he has given me. He\’s my hero, for all of the help that he has given me and what he does for new artists as well through his ASOT shows. It gives the DJs an outlet that they wouldn\’t have reached otherwise.

I feel that with trance music, there is a little bit of a difference between the trance community and the other sub-genres. How have you experienced that differentiation?

MaRLo: I feel that a lot of people who are into trance music are into melodic sound. The listeners are attracted to the very emotional power of the music and because of that, it creates a uniting, even bonding, element. In the moment that you play a big trance track, it makes the audience feel like that they are a part of something and that creates an enormous feeling of passion. I\’ve had so many shows with people crying in the front row because they are so in love with that one moment.

What are your thoughts on EDC NY and how does it stand out to you?

MaRLo: I think every event is different. Every event is special in its own way. I think there are plenty of similarities and the most amazing thing is that no matter where you play, whether it be India, Asia, or Seattle, people want to go out and have a great time. The manifestation is different as well as the music that the crowd wants to hear but music is truly the universal language. Even if I don\’t speak their language, for that one or two hours that we are together, we are one.

If you could collaborate with any artist at all, who would it be and why?

MaRLo: Well, Armin and I are already working on a track together, we\’ve been working on it since last December. We\’ve both just been crazy busy since he\’s doing his Armin Only: Embrace shows and I\’ve also been touring like crazy.

Is it difficult being away from home a lot?

MaRLo: At the moment, the touring is so crazy that it is dominating my life completely. For example, three weeks ago I played in Exchange LA and Dallas \’Something Wonderful\’ Festival, then flew out to Australia, and then back to the US. I\’ve got to finish a track in 24 hours once I get back home for the record label\’s deadline. There is no real stop. It\’s incredibly hard on me and on my wife as well, especially with this tour that I\’m on. No one sees that side. They see the hands in the air but they don\’t see that I\’ve had three hours of sleep in three days. That\’s the reality of my life but I wouldn\’t change it for the world. It\’s what I love to do.

MaRLo, it has been nothing short of a pleasure. Good luck with the rest of your tour! EDMChicago.com readers, be sure to check-out MaRLo when he plays Soundbar in Chicago on June 25 th !

-Alexandra and the rest of the EDM Chicago Team

Photo Credit: Doug Van Sant