Statistically speaking, the probability¬†for any artist to rise quickly in the ranks of today\’s scene is unlikely. The simple fact that each passing year yields an increasing amount of upcoming artists looking to make their mark is no better testament to that. That said, there are still the select few who manage to stand out from the get-go against the odds. Rising artist Dyrigent and his new release Stones are no better example.

Stones has all of the basic qualifiers that allow it to stand out. Clean production, well thought out instrumentation, and a groove that grabs your attention. However, where it really excels is in its songwriting. Vocalist Julian Easily delivers a vocal perfectly complementing the vibe of the production. The timeless message associated with the song only further strengthens my conviction that this track will be memorable to many in the months to come. Check out Stones below, and stay tuned for its release in stores and on Spotify.