Insomniac is known to have some of the best festivals in the world. Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella takes pride in Electric Daisy Carnival, Noctural Wonderland, and countless others. In April, Insomniac announced Dreamstate, a new festival that focuses on trance.

Rotella is known for his bigger festivals, but Rotella also hosts festivals that are genre oriented. Rotella created BassCon for the hardstyle lovers, as well as Bassrush for the bass and dubstep lovers. Trance has a large fan base so it\’s no surprise that Rotella decided to create a festival that is meant for trance fans.

Dreamstate is hosted in Southern California from November 27-28. This festival is going to be purely Trance, so Trance fanatics will be ecstatic!

\”All trance, all the time. You’re not living in reality anymore, you’re living in Dreamstate.\” Insomniac team

The line up is out now:




As of right now, Dreamstate is sold out! It took Insomniac a shocking 6 hours to sell out. Insomniac claims \”additional Dreamstate plans are already in the works\”, so be on the lookout if you haven\’t bought your tickets yet.