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There is no better feeling than taking a sip of a cold beer on a hot summer day, and this quote cannot be more true, as no matter where you are from, drinking beer is something we all like to do. For some, it is a part of a ritual, and going to their favorite pub or bar and ordering a pint of beer is a sort of tradition, a way to relax and spend time with those they grow up with, closest friends. For some, it means much more, and, let’s be honest, for many of us, the beer was a part of our first drinking experience. But, reasons don’t really matter, and what matter is the quality of the beer, the brand, and a favorite place, but even so, there is one other thing that, even though mostly related to beer, can play a significant role for almost all other drinks, and yes, we are talking about glasses.

“There is a lid for every pot” is a saying that perfectly describes how no matter the drink we like somehow, even though everything else is the same if the drink isn’t poured in the right glass, the taste and our overall experience will not be the same. All this applies even more to beer, and just like there are many different types and kinds of beer, there is a glass for each one of them. But why is that, and how come the same beer from the same bottle doesn’t taste the same when we drink it from different glasses? Well, let’s first state the obvious. The taste is the same no matter the glass, but everything else, like how we perceive it and how does that makes us feel, is entirely different. All that is closely connected to psychology, as we all know how crucial can the first impression be, and the same can be applied to the situation when we have our favorite drink from our favorite glass. Of course, this is just the beginning, so let’s try to find an answer to why different types of beer need different glasses.


Some of them are easier to handle

Well, it is maybe not directly connected with types of beer, but sometimes, it is more important if it is the glass easy to handle than is it perfect for the beer you drink. That can be crucial in the situations when you are partying with your friends, and, as we all know, that is the time when we are all toasting a lot. On the other side, during parties, we are usually carrying our beer around with us all the time, so heavy glass is not a perfect choice, and instead of that, it is better to find some lighter glass with a bulge which will prevent slipping from our hand. What’s also vital is the size of the glass, as no one likes to carry those huge pints and mingle in the crowd or going from one room to the next one at some party. It will make all that much more challenging. In these situations, using some fancy glasses can result in dropping them often because of many reasons, so it is always a better solution to choose the one that can be easily gripped and carried around. In the end, it is better to drink beer from any glass than not drink it at all.


Different beer types should be served at different temperature

Warm beer is not something we like, no matter how drunk we are, as it is not so much that it is warm, we are used to drinking coffee and tea, warm drinks that we enjoy, but it is more because when the beer gets warm, it loses its taste. We all know that some beverages should be served ice-cold, while the others need to be a little warmer, but many people do not know that different types of beer require to be served at a different temperature too. For example, strong beers taste better when they are not served ice-cold, while pale beers are the best when served like that. It can be pretty hard to keep the beer ice-cold during the hot summer days, but luckily, it can be much easier with glasses made of a stemmed glass. Those glasses are saving your beer from becoming too hot because you are holding it, so there is no need to put it down or rush to drink it while still cold. Another excellent solution for drinking cold beer while relaxing in the pool is double-walled pints because they are acting similarly to glasses made of a stemmed glass.


Full flavors

One of the main reasons why we all drink beer is that beautiful flavor that we can feel, and it is impossible without our sense of smell. It may sound odd, but the smell is crucial in creating the flavor, so it is necessary to have a perfect glass for maximum experience. Regarding that, if you choose to try some beer with an intensive aroma, the best choice for that is tulip-shaped glass because it will trap all the scents you need to feel to enjoy the full taste of it. Since today flavored beers are more and more popular, and many people do not like them because they try them directly from the bottle or the first glass they find in the kitchen, these glasses can easily change their opinion. They allow us to feel the real flavor, and flavored beers can be the perfect refreshment during hot summer days.


Summing up

Now, when we all know that even something simple like the glass we drink from can be a determinative factor on whether we will enjoy that drink or not, it is pretty obvious why some people insist on a specific glass for their drink. There are many benefits and many reasons for that, but what’s even more important is that we enjoy the beer taste, and if you got thirsty from reading this article, check out the, a great online craft beer shop to quench your thirst.