New York chanteuse Devyn Rose released her ninth single \’Falling 4 U\’ last year to both critical acclaim and widespread success (debuting at number 2 on the Billboard Biz Hot Singles sales chart). With over 350k combined plays of it on her Soundcloud and YouTube, the track has helped to really put her on the map.

With the much edgier Hip-Hop stylings of the Dame Grease produced follow-up \’Cops x The Jury\’ ringing in people\’s ears, it seems like an appropriate time to revisit the more balladic \’Falling 4 U\’ by offering some of the hottest UK Bass music producers the chance to rework the track into something more suited to the dancefloor, giving the track a new lease of life and a new audience.

Zed Bias delivers a slinky minimal Garage remix with an X-rated bassline. Combined with the RnB vibes of the original vocals, it has a classic-era feel that dance music stations will love.

Mob Tactics go in a different direction entirely, bundling the original into the first of two high-energy D&B vehicles, speeding off and swerving into oncoming traffic. It\’s easy to see why these guys have been so in demand in a period that has seen them release tracks on RAM, Pilot and MTA.

Finishing up the remix package is newcomer Otic who offers a more liquid take on Devyn Rose\’s intimate original. Crisp, rolling breakbeats and warming bass notes are overlaid with haunting piano flourishes and Good Looking style synths.

Out now on Beatport.