Dillon Francis is one of the funniest people in EDM. If you go on his official online store, you\’ll find several \”IDGAFOS\” t-shirts and other ridiculous Dillon Francis memorabilia, like a DJ Hanzel face pillow and a 1 Deeper jersey. However, if you scroll towards the bottom, you\’ll find a list of services you can purchase from Dillon for thousands of dollars.

For example, he\’ll ruin your stepdad\’s Christmas for $20,000 or get a Hello Kitty \”Germany\” tattoo for $250,000. He also would DJ a Bar Mitzvah for $15,000. Someone took him up on that offer, and it\’s no longer for sale on the site.

After playing a show at Surrender Vegas the night before, Dillon made his way to Chicago to DJ a Bar Mitzvah near the city. It was obviously a change of pace for him:




Apparently it\’s all actually for sale – some have pretty detailed terms in the product description. I really hope someone pays him $5,000 to remake Diplo\’s Blackberry commercial next.

Dillon posted on social media later that night, looking for something to do in the city. While staying at the Public Hotel in downtown Chicago, Dillon got a glimpse of the #PublicTV party bus, a small, private party that takes place every week. The bus travels around the city, featuring great local talent and special guests all summer. It\’s run by Autograf, Future Factory, and Dynasty Podcasts, along with support from Public Hotels in Chicago.

Dillon thought it looked cool, and wanted to play on it. So he did. Pretty soon, Dillon was playing to a crowd of a few dozen people on a party bus in Chicago. Luckily, this otherwise unbelievable event was streamed live on the Internet for everyone to see. One of my friends asked me if I wanted to go out in the city the earlier that night – a few hours later, he sent me a picture of Dillon Francis. I guess it turned into Dillon\’s unofficial aftershow from the Bar Mitvzah. This show, however, was 21+.



The next day, Dillon went to New York to play K104.7\’s Festival with Flo Rida, Robin Thicke, and more. The fact that Dillon stopped in Chicago to play two free shows in between Las Vegas and New York tour dates is just another reason why he\’ll always be one of my favorite artists. Not only is he an awesome DJ, but a pretty cool person too. If you\’re not following him on social media, do yourself a favor and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

You can stream future shows from the #PublicTV bus by visiting PublicHotelsTV.com.

Photo Credit: Noisey