After a whole legal fiasco between Ferrari and deadmau5, along with the fact that deadmau5 simply didn\’t want it anymore, the Purrari is long gone and will never see the day of light again, unfortunately. However, that isn\’t steering deadmau5 away from the world of fast, expensive cars as he just unveiled his latest purchase via Twitter.

aaaand its official, just purchased a hybrid car… Arrives in march!

— deadmau5 (@deadmau5) October 2, 2014

After noting how much of a fan he was of the McLaren he drove for Uber, DM5 took it upon himself to purchase a brand-new 2015 McLaren P1, which is fully hybrid and will set you back a little over a million dollars. The \”Meowclaren\” P1 tops out at an insane 218 mph, being limited by the manufacturer for safety reasons. It\’s possible that deadmau5 will be receiving this car custom, as he is slated to receive it in March of 2015. We can\’t wait for some Coffee Runs in this one, but until then, you can check out more of the whip below.