Daft Punk is really having a pop-up shop in LA

This is not a drill: a Daft Punk pop-up shop is hitting Los Angeles on February 11. Though it\’s no tour, it could be a sign from the robots that maybe something is happening here.

The pop-up shop pays homage to the groups career and will feature set pieces, props, artwork, wardrobe accessories, and of course, helmets. On top of the set pieces, limited edition items inspired by Daft Punk will be up on display. These items are designed by Gosha Rubchinkiy, Off-White, Darkdron, and Han Cholo, to name a few of the contributing artists.

The timing of the pop-up shop is all too perfect with the robots scheduled Grammys performance on February 12. But truthfully, this pop-up shop has left us wondering if Daft Punk is planning on releasing new music, or maybe even touring. Unfortunately, we\’re left with mere hope and speculation for now.

If you are lucky enough to be in town to witness the pop-up shop greatness, head to 8818 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood February 11-19. The shop will be open from 12pm noon to 5pm PST on Sunday, and from 11am to 7pm PST Monday through Saturday.

Via Pitchfork