With two successful releases in 2019 already, Chris Varvaro is back with yet another single. “Notebook” featuring Sky Roses tells a love story with an emotional production. Varvaro showcases his ability to produce powerful tracks with the use of distorted percussion while the addition of vocals rounds out the tune. With his third release of the year, it’s clear Varvaro is here to stay and his signature sound is heard loud and clear. Listen to “Notebook” below and read Chris Varvaro and Sky Roses thoughts on the song below:

“For Sky Roses it was about losing your cool and learning to grow as a person, settling in relationships and learning how to work through the battles and the fights. Growing up to get the other person’s side of the story. Both sides of the tracks emotional elements come together to tell a beautiful tale of a love song and learning”

-Chris Varvaro

“Notebook to me is not only a continuation of love letters, but also a talk about being understood by someone you’re close to.  I love working with Chris because we get the chance to explore very real topics and we can talk about the emotions behind the music, rather than just constantly discussing tiny details. Notebook to me feels like the halfway point of our story; we’re still growing, learning, and waiting for what we’re after. Whereas our first single Broken talks about the loss, Notebook talks about the learning.  I look forward to writing again with Chris to put some closure on this whole series of emotional music. “


-Sky Roses