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When it comes to the legalization of cannabis in a number of states, the widespread sale of different accessories has also begun to crop up. If cannabis is legal in a certain state, it makes sense that individuals want to build up a variety of accessories and products that can improve their smoke sessions. It’s like an individual who vapes—they’ll likely collect a number of different vape mods and tanks because each one is different and offers a different hit. The same can be said for cannabis pipes and bong setups as they offer many different options for the user.

For those who like to smoke on the go, or prefer a discreet smoking option versus a bong setup that takes up space in the living area, a one hitter pipe is the next best option. These one-hitter pipes operate exactly as described. They’re a cannabis pipe that fits just enough cannabis for one hit, ensuring each hit is fresh and saving you more of your cannabis over time. Since one hitters have been released, with the first being the unit that look like a cigarette, they’ve adapted to the user’s needs, and now there are a number of options available in this sole category.

Pipes from are a prime example of how one hitter pipes have adapted over time, but what is it that you should look for when shopping around for a one hitter pipe?

Pipe Material

Before deciding, take into consideration the material the pipe is made from, as this will not only affect flavor, but also durability. You can find many kind of different pipe and bongs if you just click on The common materials used to make a one hitter pipe aren’t too different from a normal pipe. There are one hitters made from glass, acrylic, and metal. Each of these will have a different impact on flavor.

  • Glass: This is the most fragile material used to make a one hitter pipe, it may be advisable to be as careful as you can, even if it’s made from quartz. If you’re not careful and manage to drop this on a hard surface, then you will likely be out there shopping again for a new one. However, despite their fragility, they do offer unparalleled flavor in comparison to acrylic or metal. They’re also less likely to give a hit that’s too harsh.
  • Acrylic: If you’re prone to dropping things, or lead an active lifestyle, then acrylic might be the option for you as they can take a beating. Acrylic is definitely one of the more durable materials a one hitter can be made of, but this comes at a cost to flavor. Acrylic can compromise the flavor of your cannabis. It can either cause a hit that’s not as flavorful as it could be, or the hit could be too harsh.
  • Metal: This is a common and inexpensive material used when making one hitter pipes. They can leave room for more features like a self-ashing mechanism or different ways to light your flower through direct or indirect means. Granted, with these being made of metal, they can compromise flavor. If they have added features like a self-ashing mechanism, they’ll require frequent cleaning to make sure they’re working optimally.
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It may be worth testing different strains of cannabis with your pipe materials to see if certain strains react differently with your pipes. With this knowledge, you can then pick and choose which of your cannabis strains you want to use with which pipe can achieve the best flavor.

Added Features

There are some pipes that can have added features. Here are some examples:

  • Some pies have a self-ashing mechanism. This mechanism makes it easy to smoke on the go. Once you pack the cannabis and take the hit, it’s as simple as pressing the mouthpiece in like a button to eject the ash. However, with this feature, you want to make sure you periodically clean the pipe, whichever way you choose to do that, to ensure the pipe doesn’t get too much build up that will compromise both function and flavor.
  • Some one-hitters have a bowl that has teeth added to it. This can speed up the process since all you have to do is take your chosen cannabis, press the teeth against it, and twist. The teeth will break the bud apart and once the bowl is packed, you’re ready to take the hit. You can repeat the process once the ash has been removed. With these added teeth it may be more difficult to clean, and you will want to be careful to ensure you don’t cut yourself.
  • Other one-hitters, typically found in glass models, have a “bubble” that’s added to the side of the pipe. This will prevent your pipe from rolling off of a table or counter and breaking against the ground. Because these pipes are typically made of glass, it’s important to be careful and try not to drop them on hard surfaces. However, accidents happen!
  • Then there are some pipes that combine the best of both worlds with a metal “guard” fitted around a glass pipe. This way you receive the benefits of a tough metal pipe that can survive a number of falls, combined with the flavor you achieve from a glass pipe. There aren’t many cons to this pipe, except they may seem bulkier than other one-hitters, and may have a heftier price tag attached to it.

There are a number of different pipes available out there, each with their own quirks that make them unique. What’s important is finding one that offers you the best smoke possible.

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With the sheer number of pipes available, especially when it comes to the market surrounding one hitters, it may seem daunting to decide which one is best for you. It all comes down to what you think may be best for you, and best suits your needs. What comes after that is trying it, and if it turns out you aren’t a fan, then you can try looking for other options.

One of the benefits of a one-hitter is they can be relatively inexpensive depending on the material, so it wouldn’t be too hard on your wallet. The first step is to get online, or visit your favorite store, and start to determine what your options are and which direction you should go.