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Cannabis has been around for long. Where in some cultures it has been part of their history for centuries, the Western world knows it primarily as a psychoactive drug. However, cannabis does provide a lot of benefits in terms of health. When purchasing from the streets, however, you cannot be sure what happened with the cannabis. How was it manufactured? Did the producer use any pesticides? How was it harvested? These are all relevant questions that people tend to forget to ask. A good alternative can be growing cannabis seeds yourself.

How can you select the best cannabis seeds?


Well… this all depends on your specific needs. What kind of cannabis do you desire? What are your personal circumstances? To better understand why this matters, we will dive into the decision-making of cannabis seeds.

The amount of THC in cannabis

You have probably heard of THC, the working psychoactive substance in cannabis. This is the substance that will give you the ‘high’ you are familiar with when consuming cannabis. The levels of the substance are different for every type of plant. This makes it important to consider your desired ‘high’. Some people prefer to have no high at all, especially when they consume it for medical purposes. Check the presence of the substance before selecting your seeds.

Your home environment

While most of us prefer our home environment, some of the cannabis plants will not. There are plants that require a very specific treatment or need to be grown in specific environments. Do you want to dedicate a room to your plants? In that case you can decide to grow almost any type of plant. You can equip the room with special lightning and temperature sensors to make sure the plants grow as you desire.

However, some of us do not have the luxury of dedicating a full room to the growth of cannabis. Thus, if you want to grow cannabis in your living room, it is best to check the specifications. The plant should be able to cope with normal inside temperatures. This is an important consideration to take into account in the selection process.

Growing cannabis inside

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Growing cannabis indoors is far more private compared to growing outside. By growing the seeds indoors, you will get to monitor your plant well as they grow. You can check here and find some great seeds avalable online.

Indoor growing can be amazingly cheap to start and maintain, more so if you intend to grow just a small number of plants.

You can closely monitor everything with indoor growing, meaning that an indoor grower can continuously produce dank buds. Nonetheless, this dank weed-growing capability comes with more obligation.

If you are an indoor grower, the plants are entirely dependent on your care for them to survive. In case you fail to offer everything your plants require, they will become extinct.

You can grow your cannabis plant almost anywhere, as long as the place has access to fresh air and water. It can be in your spare room, garage, extra bathroom, a closet, or even a grow tent.

When considering where to grow your seeds, you have to examine your indoor space’s temperature. Bear in mind that the temperature will increase after your grow lights start running.

Young cannabis plants grow more quickly when temperatures are between 20ºC to 30ºC.

When cannabis is slightly older, in the flowering or budding stage, ensure you maintain the temperature around 18ºC to 26ºC. That way, you will have buds with the most pleasing color, trichrome yield, and smell.

Since temperature is incredibly vital, it would help if you could control your growing area’s temperature.

With indoor growing, the grow lights emit some heat. In general, the more powerful your grow lights are, the more heat they emit.

If you plan on installing many bright lights in a small area, you’ll probably need to have an air conditioner plus an exhaust system. That way, you’ll be able to ensure that you maintain the temperatures of your grow area within the right range.

Do you intend to grow a few plants in a box or a grow tent? If so, you must have a fan that pulls hot air far from the hot grow lights and out through a window: to maintain a calm environment.

Growing cannabis outside

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Outdoor growing is cheaper to set in motion because you don’t need to install some grow lights or set up an indoor grow section. However, you will need to be concerned about privacy, bugs, plant pollination, or even people looting your plants.

With the right cannabis strain and a suitable environment, it’s less costly to grow your plants outdoor. The reason being that you won’t have to provide all requirements to your plants.  The sun will perform a considerable role in providing free light and thus saving you the cost-heavy task.

Naturally, when growing your plants outside, it’s not practicable to control the surroundings entirely. During a dry season, you will have to water your plants. And when there’s heavy rainfall, you must shield your plants so they don’t become overwatered.

In regards to temperatures, a good principle is; if the environment is so hot for you, it’s presumably scorching for your cannabis plants. Like human beings, cannabis plants can break down if you expose them to freezing or scorching temperatures.

While the best yield is gained when growing the plants inside, some can also grow in an outside environment. You need to consider that temperatures can be rough for these plants, meaning more care is needed. Furthermore, plants cannot grow in every environment. Do your research before considering growing cannabis plants in an outside environment.

Selecting the right provider

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There are many providers of cannabis seeds out there. One quick search on the Internet will provide you with numerous options. It is important to select a legitimate source so you can guarantee the quality of the seeds purchased. One of the leading providers active on the Internet is Zamnesia. They have been around for decades and have a strong emphasis on quality. Want to learn more? Visit here.

Growing cannabis might seem like a complicated process. However, it only appears that way since you haven’t received the right information. With this growing guide, you can now find out the most effective way of growing cannabis plants.