A lot of people turn to use cannabis as natural medicine, but many prefer their own homegrown products instead of purchasing something from the nearest store. But, growing your own cannabis is not an easy task, especially if you don’t have the required knowledge regarding seeds.

There are many different strains out there on the market and sometimes knowing which one to choose is a difficult task. At first, growing your own cannabis at home seems simple, but once you get into it, you’ll quickly realize there are multiple important factors you need to pay a lot of attention to, the first and most important one is choosing the right type of seed.

If you are wondering why growing at home is so popular, well, there are a lot of reasons, but the most significant one is cost-efficiency. You don’t have to pay a lot of money to enjoy both the health and recreational benefits of this plant. So, in today’s article, we decided to help all those who are considered beginners and looking to gather some basic knowledge about cannabis seeds. Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

1. AK 47 Cannabis Seeds

Source: Seed King

The AK 47 seeds are famous because of two reasons. Their popular and iconic name, and the ease-of-growth for this particular strain. It is probably one of the most cross-used seeds in the entire world. It goes for a fairly average price, about six point five dollars for one feminized seed of this strain. The plant you get from the AK 47 seeds looks amazing.

2. Purple Haze Seeds

Source: Seeds66

One of the world’s most popular seeds, Purple Haze comes for an even lower prices than AK 47 seeds, currently sitting around four dollars for one feminized seed. This strain is one of the most iconic ones and both its recreational and health benefits are widely used by cana-enthusiasts from across the whole world. For all of you wondering, the name comes from the famous Jimi Hendrix song.

3. The Phoenix Strain

Source: GrowDiaries

This particular strain is very popular but not very cheap. But, it is quite famous for the great yields and the ultimately-short flowering time. However, this seed lives up to its name. Talk about getting blazed, hence the name and excuse the pun, phoenix cannabis contains about fifty-five percent THC. It’s very popular amongst users who enjoy the recreational benefits of the plant.

4. Super Lemon Haze

Source: Industrial Hemp Farms

At about ten dollars apiece, super lemon haze is one of the more popular and expensive seeds that you can find in today’s market. It’s famous for the very strong mix of effects you get from its THC, half-body “half-mind hit”. Basically, it relaxes your body a lot but also provides a psychedelic feeling when you use it for recreational purposes. In countries where recreational marijuana use is popular, this is one of the most widely-sold seeds.

5. O.G Kush Seeds

Source: Dinafem

If you are even remotely a fan of Marijuana, and you know at least some of the strains, then you’ve probably heard about the O.G Kush. It has a very strong and unique aroma as well as a very unique taste. People use it for making oil as well as for smoking it. It currently goes for about five point five dollars for one feminized seed. Stickyseeds.co.uk is a website where you can find a lot of seeds sorted by multiple categories, based on the amount of THC they have, price, feminized or not, etc…

6. White Widow Seeds

Source: Seedsman

One of the oldest seeds out of all the “commercial” ones we have nowadays, the white widow is quite cheap and a legendary strain. Currently, you can find a feminized seed of this strain for about three dollars, which is not expensive at all compared to some of the other strains we have. This one is so popular that if you ever want to try it before purchasing seeds, you can find it at any coffee shop you have in your local area.

7. Girl Scout Cookies

Source: Weed Online World

Currently the rarest, most exotic and probably the best strain that we have in 2024. It’s being sung about in almost every popular song where the artist talks about weed consumption. Girl Scout Cookies looks absolutely amazing and when you first notice a plant of this strain you’ll start to wonder whether it’s really a marijuana plant or not. One single feminized seed of this strain is about twelve dollars, which is expensive but well-worth it for this absolute masterpiece.

8. Blackberry Moonrocks

Source: 420 Kush Life

Another expensive and exotic strain, this one looks a lot “weirder” than anything else on this list. Blackberry Moonrocks is a relatively new “breed” and it became quite famous amongst recreational users in the past few years. The level of THC is high in this one, as well as the psychedelic effects. It can be found in larger coffee shops if you want to try it before purchasing seeds.

9. LSD Strain

Source: Weed Republic

It’s quite incredible that this strain got its name from a popular psychoactive substance called LSD, but the name is not given to it just randomly like that. It has a very “trippy” and powerful effect, but that’s not the only reason why this strain is so popular. A lot of people who are engaged into growing say that this strain is somehow completely resistant to any diseases, which makes growing it in larger quantities so much easier. One feminized seed comes at about seven dollars.


Choosing the right type of cannabis seed will help you achieve your goal, growing the right strain for your needs. As we all know already, different strains of marijuana have slightly different effects, some used more in the medical sphere while others are popular for relaxation and entertainment purposes. However, this plant is simply not a “one-type-fits-all” solution.

For example, some medical conditions require a different type of marijuana for treatment. But, some people who are only after entertainment and recreational purposes like to try all the different psychoactive effects, which is why choosing seeds is so important.