ATMA is a track I take great pleasure in announcing the release of. I am often expressive of my support for Chicago artists, but I especially love to show support for artists that cater exactly to my music taste. There may be no better example of that then the new collaboration between Happyghost and Le Sprite. Both artists possess a passion for their music that shows in both their production and their sets. Together for the first time, and released on the newest record label to Chicago\’s scene, the pair brings you ATMA on Pool House Records. For those of you not familiar with the pair, allow me to provide a brief background.

Happyghost is an up and coming Producer/DJ in Chicago who has been making waves in the city\’s underground music scene. With multiple releases on The Pool House Records (current and upcoming), his unique sound, style, & production are audible evidence of the ghost\’s recent manifestation. Catch a glimpse of Happyghost at The Pool House\’s weekly label-party on Sunday\’s at Primary Night Club.

Le Sprite
Le Sprite should be a familiar name to those acquainted with Chicago\’s electronic music scene. As a member of Plus Plus (++), along with Andy Stoble, she has established herself as an artist committed to her craft. Whether she is keeping Chicago moving into the early hours of the morning at everyone\’s favorite 3 letter afters spot or hosting her bi monthly saturday party, Dark + Deep on Saturdays at Debonair, she never hesitates to step outside the box and introduce her fans to the extraordinary.

ATMA has been released on Pool House Records, the newest venture to come from the crew behind my favorite place to be on a Sunday night, The Pool House at Primary. Since it\’s recent establishment, the Pool House Records has released a compilation album which is a perfect showcase their refreshing take on Deep House, House, Minimal, and Tech House. The announcement of Pool House Records\’ establishment really excited me as it embodies the talent behind this city\’s music scene. For this reason, The Pool House Records will be the subject of the 4th issue of my Chicago: Deeper Than a Drop series.

Sample ATMA below, and then head over to Beatport and purchase your copy. Let\’s show some love for the artists that call this city home alongside us.