It\’s hard to believe that \”Say My Name\” by Porter Robinson was released in 2010.

The track was one of the first hits for the electronic superstar; it came out even before his Spitfire EP, which really put him on the map in 2011. Countless fans know Porter now because of Worlds, but his career prior to that  album should not be forgotten.

It\’s about time that \”Say My Name\” got an upgrade, though. Look no further than Chicago DJ/producer Mielo. His redux of \”Say My Name\” turns the track into an epic future pop ballad; it\’s so high quality that it sounds like Porter could\’ve made the track himself. The feels are real with this one.

Mielo has had an incredibly strong start to his career and isn\’t looking to slow up any time soon. He might only have a few thousand followers on Soundcloud, but his tracks have hundreds of thousands of plays, all well deserved. This up and comer from the Windy City might not be an up and comer for much longer. If he isn\’t already on your radar, that needs to change now.