Dave Tipper has done it again people. Known mostly by his last name, the legendary UK producer, turntablist, mastering artist, and composer has just released a new EP entitled \”It\’s Like\”

Fans of Tipper are aware that he isn\’t the kind of producer who has boundaries. He incorporates his unique brand of deep bass into every tempo, every genre, and he does it by rejecting any conception of what electronic music should sound like.

On this new EP, there are elements of hip hop, drum n bass, dubstep, glitch hop, all blended together in the eclectic style only Tipper can offer, with some grade-A turntable work on top of it.

\”It\’s Like,\” is a glitch-hop party track while \”Distal\” is ambient, bass-driven composition. \”Table Flipping VIP\” blurs the lines between drum n bass and dubstep, and to close the EP, \”Flares At Dawn\” is equivalent to a relaxing swim in a sea of synthetic sound.

Listen to the full EP below