Yellow Claw soldiers the time has finally come. Yellow Claw #9 has finally been released by Yellow Claw on their Soundcloud account on Thursday.

It has been a couple of months since Yellow Claw has released a new mixtape and boy are all you soldiers\’ in for a treat. Yellow Claw mixtape #9 starts out with a new collaboration with Tiesto with vocals done by Kyler England named \”Lifetime\”. This song was actually played by Tiesto at TomorrowWorld on Friday when he closed the festival. This song takes me back to when Yellow Claw first dropped \”Till it Hurts ft. Ayden\” with a slow start and then an epic drop.

Yellow Claw keeps showing the world why they are successful in the electronic dance music by delivering a new mixtape full of what they are known for which is trap, hardstyle, moombahton, and I even heard some future house in this mixtape. Yellow Claw\’s own songs make up for almost half of this mixtape and if you have ever seen these guys live this mixtape is for sure going to take you down memory lane. At the end of mixtape they announce that November 20 is when \”Blood For Mercy\” will be available to the public.

Take a listen for yourself.