Finding out the right weight for your dog is crucial for various reasons. The primary one is that you won’t feel stressed about your dog’s health. You will get to know if its weight is healthy or not. Some people are confused about whether one should weigh a pet with a human weighing machine. Well, it is possible. However, there are some things that you should always take care of before using a human scale.

You might already know that there are dog scales available on the market. The best part about using them is that they always show correct weights. Also, note that the accuracy depends on the quality of the machine. So, you have to buy it from a reliable store. It is now possible to get them at online stores ad well. However, you have to research we’ll be core choosing a particular website because of many options. If you don’t want to waste time, you can visit It is one of the best online stores to buy pet scales. You won’t get disappointed with their quality.

As we mentioned earlier, you can also measure your pet’s weight using a human scale. But that is only possible if you know everything about the process. Now, you don’t need to worry. In this article, we will share all the information regarding the same. So, let’s get started without wasting any more time.

What steps are involved in measuring a dog’s weight with a human scale?


If you have not brought a pet scale for your dog, but you want to do it, you can use your weighing machine. We are saying this because it might also show you accurate results. All these steps are pretty straightforward to understand, even for beginners. They are as follows:

  • Find a human scale: The first thing you need to do is find a human scale in your home. One thing that many people forget about is not checking if the weighing machine is in good condition or not. In other words, you have to find out whether it is working correctly. Sometimes, the devices don’t provide you with accuracy when old and worn out. That is why you need to be careful before using any machine. Otherwise, you might waste a lot of your time. But the main question is, how will you check it’s working? Well, it is simple. You have to check your weight two or three times. If the results are the same, your measuring device is excellent. On the contrary, if the results are different every time, it has a problem. In such a situation, you should get a new one, or you can try buying a dog scale. It depends on your preferences.
  • Lift your dog: The next step is to lift your pet. There is one thing that you should never forget about holding your dog. The pet should be still and not be fidgety. In that case, you won’t get accurate measurements. When the dog remains still, you can proceed to the next step. The holding of the pet is a crucial thing to learn before using a human scale. If you don’t know how to do it, the entire process will fail. When lifting a dog, you should use your arms and cover the pet with them. In this way, it will feel more secure, protected, and satisfied. Apart from that, it will also not try to move and be fidgety. There is no better method to lift and hold your dog with care and love.
  • Stand straight when holding the dog: You should also try to be more still while doing this process. Otherwise, it will be impossible to get the accurate weight of your pet. One way to avoid movements is to stand straight and relax for a while. After some time, you will see it worked. Holding the dog is not as challenging as it seems to be. You have to learn some postures before starting the procedure. It will be a better option than failing at it continuously. After gaining some knowledge, you will see the improvement.
  • Get on the weighing machine:  After learning everything about picking up your dog, you can move on to the central part. You have to stand on the human scale you have at your home. Then you need to wait for a few minutes before you note down the weight. Some people make mistakes in the process by not waiting for a few minutes. You should avoid this at any cost because it might waste your time. It is crucial to remain stable with the dog while on a machine. A slight movement can create a mess, and the measurements will not be accurate. One method to prevent these problems is to try standing for two times. Then you will know the weight is correct. You can note down that weight on the paper and proceed with the process further.
  • Stand on the device without carrying your pet: You have to measure your weight on the machine. It is essential to calculate how much your pet weighs. In the previous step, the overall measurement included you and your pet both. So, you have to measure yours to find the correct one for your pet.
  • Subtract your weight with the previous one: You have to eliminate your weight with the last measurement to identify the accurate weight of your dog. Subtraction is necessary because only then it is possible to find the precise result. You can also note this down to show it to the vet.
  • Check the ideal weight of your breed: Once you have completed the process, the last step is to check the perfect weight of your pet’s breed. If it is less or more, you should go to the vet and consult.

The Bottom Line

Checking a dog’s weight with a human scale is not an impossible task. You need to follow the steps mentioned above to get started. Also, be careful during the entire process.