The ongoing cannabis legalization process has shown as a great thing for everyone, the state gets its economic benefits, and people find enjoyment. With that, the industry has exponential growth, bringing us new products and accessories we can explore.

Even though there were revolutionary discoveries about different ways of consumption, smoking the plant is still the most popular choice. This does not mean that you have to stick to regular roll-ups, but you can try out pipes to make your session more interesting.

With various materials used for pipes manufacturing, there is a lot of discussion about the benefits of each product. For that reason, we made this article where we’ll discuss acrylic pipes, and let you know whether it is safe to smoke out of them.

What material is acryl


Acryl is a material made with plastic polymers to come up with such useful characteristics. Besides acryl, this material can be met under different pseudonyms like plexiglass for example. It offers clarity, and when compared to regular glass, it is way more durable and withstands greater impact forces.

In addition, this material can be easily paired with other elements which makes it a highly versatile product. The manufacturing process is pretty simple, and that is where the affordable costs come from.

What are acrylic pipes

Acrylic pipes are smoking accessories great for the average cannabis consumer. If you are an experienced smoker, you have surely been in a situation where you have dropped your glass pipes and they have broken. Durability is the main feature of acryl since these pipes are not going to break if you are a clumsy person.

In addition, they can easily serve as art pieces, since they can be made in different shapes and colors. In addition, depending on their size, the smoke can become smoother which will significantly improve your smoking session.

Their manufacturing process and durability make these pipes affordable for every enjoyer. They can be also easily transported without the fear of getting damaged. That is the reason why they are one of the most popular smoking choices.

How safe are they


The use of acrylic smoking accessories has been related to bad tasting products which make people concerned about their safety. Although it ruins the taste of the bud, using an acrylic pipe does not cause any safety hazards if it is used appropriately.

For that reason, ensure you do not heat the material above three hundred degrees Celsius. Above that temperature, the acryl may release some toxins that can be harmful. That is the reason why this material is not suitable for dabs.

Even though the acryl is safe for your smoking sessions, you must pay attention to the bowl of the product. Most of the affordable pipes use metals of low quality that not only ruin the taste of the bud but may cause health issues.

That is why established shops like smokea always recommend you to buy acrylic pipes only from the most reliable places. Do research, and find the place that sells these items with a lot of satisfied customers. Since good words spread quickly, you should not have trouble finding the right place.

The clarity of the material helps you to observe the pipe better, and notice any changes. With a time of use, you might notice discoloration, and this might be the right period for you to consider getting a new one.

In addition, you will have to ensure the cleanliness of your equipment. This should be a priority of yours since you inhale the product and can significantly affect your lungs. That is why regular cleaning is essential, and we will go through that in detail next.

How to clean them

As mentioned above, maintaining the cleanliness of your smoking accessories is an essential process. However, when it comes to acryl, you’ll need to be careful. If you add alcohol as you would usually clean your other pipes, the acryl gets dissolved and it might shatter immediately.

For that reason, the best solution for cleaning the acryl is by using salts and hot water. The salts are great because they increase the osmotic value and clean off any microorganism that might be present. In addition, their rocky texture is great for surface impact and cleaning the walls better.

Just be sure that you do not change the temperatures too quickly because the pipe might shatter. Instead, after applying the hot water, let it cool on its own. As soon as it reaches room temperature, you can rinse everything off with regular cold water.

If you have trouble getting some of the tar out, consider using tiny brushes to come inside and scrape the stains. This will ensure clean pipes and an improved smoking experience.

Benefits of using acrylic pipes


To see better why these pipes are favorite among the consumers, it is important to see the benefits they offer.

Firstly, their pricing is tempting and is the first reason why people decide to go with this option. When you can expect to pay significantly less to get the same product, you surely do. In addition, because the acryl is sturdy, you don’t have to worry about breaking them.

The pipes made from acryl hold significant aesthetic value. They can be made in interesting shapes that result in unique pipes you will surely impress your friends with. In addition, there are multiple color choices, so you will surely come up with an item you thoroughly enjoy.

In many places, there is still a stigma around smokers. For that reason, many people consider hiding to prevent unwanted situations. That is where the acrylic pieces come into play. They can be easily hidden, and you don’t have to worry about breaking them. In addition, they can be made in a way to resemble another item, which makes people not even suspect that is a pipe.


With various possible smoking accessories, you are free to select what you enjoy the most. Smaller pieces like pipes are usually more popular because of their compactness and easiness to hide them. Even though the taste of the bud can be different, acrylic pipes are still a safe smoking method that you might consider.

Before you purchase, make sure that the firm is established, and purchase only from regulated places that sell high-quality smoking accessories. This will contribute to the quality of your sessions, and prevent any health risks related to the materials.