We all love to have some pet at home, and from the psychological side of it, that enrichens us as humans. As for pets and which one to pick, most people prefer to go with a puppy because everyone, especially kids, simply loves spending time with them. Now, in order to make the most out of your friendship with your dog, it’s good to teach them a trick or two, but for starters, it’s important to establish a relationship where they will listen to the owner. That can only be done by proper training, which is something most people have trouble with, but these tips and examples should be of much help.


Pick the right reward system

Every successful dog trainer agrees that the best way to train your dog is by dedicating enough time for practice, as everything else matters much less if you don’t set some time aside and really dedicate yourself to training your dog. Besides time, another important thing is picking the right reward, and this is where most dog owners make a mistake.

Namely, just like every person prefers different things for motivation, the same goes for dogs, meaning that some of them are food motivated, some prefer more playing time, while other dogs are more into new toys. Luckily, this is something that every dog owner can easily notice and use in the practice routine.

In most cases, food reward is the to-go option, but there are some rules one needs to follow even here. If one starts giving too much food for a simple and easy trick or thing dogs do, they will easily get used to that and will find no motivation to listen and learn more. On the other hand, if the reward is not good enough, they will not be motivated at all to learn something new. That is why it’s of vast importance to pick the right reward, and in case your dog is food motivated, the right type and amount of food you will give them.

On the other hand, if you are not sure what to do, it’s always best to consult the experts in this field, and Denver Dog Training makes it much easier because you can find all the info and detailed guidance on how to train your dog successfully.


Create a training schedule

Just like we have a weekly schedule when we go to the gym or work out from our home, the same thing should be applied when training dogs. Having this schedule will make it much easier for them to adjust and learn something new. Besides the time, using the same words is also of vast help because dogs will easily learn whether they are doing something right or wrong if the trainer uses the same words for bad and good. Consistency is what matters the most, and having a schedule and using the same words/phrases will speed up the entire process.

Also, it’s always better to train for shorter periods and often, as then your puppy will think of it as a fun activity they do, which will make training more successful. Picking different locations for the same exercise is also helpful, as sometimes dogs get confused by the command in different places, leaving them confused, so make sure to practice on different locations to make this transition smooth, and as the end result, once your dog learns something new, they will listen to the command regardless of the location they are at.


Choose various locations

One of the best ways to teach the dog to listen to the owner in various situations is to use different locations for the training. Namely, controlled conditions are perfect for the beginning, as they grant consistency, and it is easier for the pets to understand what is expected from them, but it can result in disobedience in unknown locations and situations. Because of that, it is important to change locations, as the puppy will become familiar with various situations and learn to listen to each of them.

For example, many owners have a huge problem when their furry friend does not listen to them when there are other people or animals around them but still listens perfectly to each command when they are alone. Changing the location and trying new commands in crowds can help your little buddy understand what is expected from them, even when there are many distractions around.


Be patient

The most important tip that each dog owner should follow is learning how to be patient, as it is the only way to teach the puppies everything they should know. Some breeds are “smarter” than others and can learn new tricks faster, but even if you choose the smartest breed in the world, being patient is crucial.

Puppies differ from each other, even when they have the same parents, just like human siblings, and you must recognize their needs and repeat the command as many times as needed until they realize what is expected of them. Being stressed and nervous is something that will ruin the entire training, and since dogs are highly sensitive beings, they will notice that, and it will be impossible to tech them even the simplest commands.


Have fun

Spending some time with your furry friend should be a nice time of the day that can help both of you relax, and there is no need for the training to ruin that. Each training should be fun, and once the puppy masters the basic commands, it is time to learn some funny tricks. Every next training will become more and more interesting, and there is no doubt that people around you will be amazed at the funny tricks that a puppy can perform, which can make it a star in each company.

Final thoughts

Dog training seems more difficult than they really are, as if you love your furry friend, have enough patience, and love to go on walks with them, that will improve your relationship and help with understanding each other better. In the end, that is the key to each successful training, and not only will the puppy learn new commands easier, but both of you will have a great time together.