It’s never easy to find a suitable flat. However, exchange students and those who travel from other countries to study or work will be very familiar with this issue. Accommodation is often the most difficult mission to complete due to nuances in housing policy, language barriers, bureaucracy, and a lack of local contacts. In this article, we’ll look at some tips and tricks for finding a good place at a reasonable price.


Do your research

Prior to visiting the destination city, thorough research is required. Every city has high-crime areas. You may concentrate your efforts on the areas that are secure & safe. Check out the various modes of transportation available on the Internet. Even if the location is idyllic, if you are unable to leave, logistical issues will inevitably disrupt your daily routine. Another important consideration is whether you want to live in a quiet, tranquil neighbourhood or one that is bustling with bars, cafés, and other entertainment options. Consider neighbouring housing choices if you commute to work or attend an institution on campus. If your company and classes are conducted entirely online, however, your residence must be warm and inviting. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the phrase “my house is my fortress” became particularly applicable, and it is unlikely to fade away. Do your study and set clear, realistic expectations for your ideal lodging.


It’s always crucial to live in a safe environment, so learn about the security services available in the region you’ve chosen. Take your time to learn about all of the safety precautions in places, such as security services and 24-hour surveillance.


Conduct yourself well

When it comes to meeting your landlords, first impressions are crucial. Make sure you’re dressed properly and that you’re always polite and friendly to the landlords. Landlords will feel considerably more at ease if they believe their tenants will look after their homes.

Look out for scammers

When it comes to renting properties, there are a lot of con artists out there looking for a quick buck. When looking for an apartment, use caution and avoid making any advance deposits. Also, be cautious while signing the contract and ensure that you have completely read it before making a decision.



The location is the most crucial element to consider before choosing your foreign hotel. The best method to achieve this is to draw a map of the area around your university, including all potential neighbourhoods. Before deciding on a location, consider variables such as transportation costs and your budget. You can always use Google Street View to learn more about your neighbourhood and the places around your home.

Take help from the locals

It’s a good idea to start with a few well-known platforms to have a better understanding of the city’s pricing terms and conditions. These websites can help you understand what you can expect with your budget if you are looking for an apartment in a big and popular city like Student Accommodation In Birmingham, Berlin, or Paris. If you take out an education loan in another country, it will have a significant impact on how much you can pay on rent. As a result, if you want to make the best decision, you’ll need a complete financial picture of the home situation.

Looking for an apartment on local Facebook groups or community websites is also a smart idea. People frequently post their rental offers on Craigslist without putting them somewhere else. Asking for help from locals will make apartment hunting much easier. Send your message in the language of the nation you’ll be visiting. Make it known that you are seeking a place to stay. Their friends or coworkers may be able to assist them. You could inquire about prospective housing alternatives if there is a community of your countrymates in the chosen country. People are generally responsive if you state your expectations regarding the apartment clearly, and they may be able to provide you with a place to stay or important advice.


Take your Universities help

The most obvious option is this. It is, however, frequently ignored. International offices and responsive employees are available at universities to clarify the nuances of housing policy. You should be able to find a spot on campus. Alternatively, the staff can make apartment rental recommendations. If the target country is known for putting foreigners under bureaucratic strain, a university should always be willing to assist. Some schools even assign newcomers student companions to help them with paperwork.

Many universities have their own housing complexes where you can rent a room. The price will always be reasonable in this instance, but be prepared to wait a long time to get a spot. As a result, as soon as you receive an acceptance letter or an Erasmus invitation, look into this possibility. Unfortunately, many colleges are short on space and will be unable to accommodate all of the invited students. It’s also worth remembering.

Connect with Alumni

Every University has a particular or dedicated Alumni Cell. If not every then most universities have this to create a broad connection of Alumni to understand and connect with ex-students and learn about their various endeavours. You can find certain groups of these Alumni on Facebook or the University forum. This Alumni community is filled with students who have stayed and studied in those respective universities. You can go ahead and ask them about their experience and how they managed to find the right accommodation near a certain university. Their experience and knowledge will provide you with great insight on how and where to choose the accommodation and how you should go about the entire process.

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As we can see, finding a place to stay is a difficult undertaking. Before making a final selection, you should do your homework and compare numerous options. However, by networking and requesting university assistance, you will be able to fix this difficulty more quickly. Regrettably, the larger your desired city, the more difficult your search may be. However, if you look hard enough, you’ll find what you’re looking for.