Chicago opened up the trap door last week at the Concord Music Hall featuring Porn and Chicken, Ookay and Bro Safari. This was the first stop for Bro Safari on his 10-leg Road to Ultra tour.

Porn and Chicken opened the night, playing dance-inducing remix after remix and throwing down some heavy beats.

Next up was Ookay, who – in my opinion – really was just \”o-okay.\” He might as well have been the headliner considering he stayed on stage for nearly two hours. I hadn\’t heard much of him until the week before so I was really excited to see him play live. To my disappointment, he was a bit of a downer. Coming off such a great high from Porn and Chicken, Ookay felt lackluster. In the time he played, he didn\’t mix in much original content. It almost seemed like I was just at a dance club, rocking out to Top 40 hits and prerecorded songs. Unfortunate.

Bro Safari finally came on around 1 a.m. and picked up what Ookay had dropped. Riled up by his hype man, Bro Safari had heads bopping and bodies swaying. His big hit, fan-favorite \”The Drop\” definitely got everyone thrilled.

But just as quickly as he got me amped back up, he closed his set early just before 2 a.m. It was anti-climactic to say the least. All the built-up excitement was immediately released and he was gone, blaming the venue for telling him to shut down (which doesn\’t make sense considering Concord let the Dirty Dutch Chuckie play until 4 a.m. a few weeks back). I wish I could write more about Bro Safari, given the fast-growing interest in trap music. But a less-than-an-hour set was kind of a let down. [Update: March 10, 2014 – According to a tweet from Bro Safari, himself, there were foundation cracks in the building. So the venue shut down a bit early to avoid any further damage.]

Regardless, I got home legs sore, neck cramped and my fist-pump arm swol.

Photo source: Bro Safari\’s SoundCloud