One of the bigger names to come from Chicago, Autograf has steadily been releasing beautiful singles and remixes over the past two years. Friday, they topped it all with their brand new all original EP, Future Soup. The five tracks exhibit a very purposeful style with each complementing the others in a level of cohesion that is perfect for a debut EP. Lets take a look at some of the highlights.

The title track, Future Soup, embodies its name well with a future/deep house fusion. It features soulful vocals of Patrick Baker and basses layered with bell-style plucks, bringing that immediately recognizable Autograf sound. Heartbeat takes a more relaxed vibe and incorporates an assortment of live instrumental sounds and happy melodies. Horizons was pleasantly surprising with a unique blend of Autograf\’s marimba melodies and a tech-house influenced vibe.

The guys from Autograf agreed to an exclusive interview with EDM Chicago so we could find out a little more about the EP.

What prompted you guys to begin working on the EP?

We wanted to really do something as a body of work that told a story vs just one off singles.

What steps did you take to make the EP stylistically cohesive?

We wanted something the had flow to it that first track starts out strong and then kinda flows up and down like a rollercoaster till ending with Ocean Glass that drops you off.

What\’s the story behind future soup?

It all started with this 8ft tall 700lb Andy Warhol inspired soup can art installation we built, and this ep sorta brings out beginning full circle with the art we made before releasing any music.

What will be your next focus after this ep?

We already have some more tunes almost done so can\’t wait to put out new music and continue to tour with our new live show. It\’s all about the journey.

Many thanks to Autograf for answering our questions as well as continuing to put out phenomenal music. Please like, share, and pick up a copy of their EP for yourself!