The newest covid-19 variant, Omicron has given us something challenging to tackle. Indeed, the United Kingdom has reported hundreds of thousands of new cases. This has presented another uncertainty for many to deal with. And as this pandemic enters its fourth year, several UK residents have shown several signs of fatigue, as well as mental stress, in coping with this current situation. After all, the whole thought the end of the global pandemic was drawing near until the emergence of this new variant.

To tackle this mental stress, many have relied on gelato seeds in the UK which can be purchased in, among other marijuana strains. However, as new cases are reported, it is becoming increasingly hard for many to keep calm and carry on. As a result, this article will provide some ways to ease the anxiety caused by the latest omicron surge. Here are five different ways that anxiety can be significantly reduced while helping you find peace in this current situation:

Look after your body


This involves following a routine, which could include nutrition, exercise, healthy eating, regular breaks, and good sleep. The importance of taking good care of your body cannot be stressed enough. Listen to your body and ensure to adopt several fast-acting techniques that can help reduce anxiety, especially when the physical signs of anxiety are becoming too obvious to ignore. You could lie down on your back while placing your hand on your chest and a book on your belly. You can then ensure that as you breathe, the book moves as much as possible with your hands staying still – for at least 7 minutes. Ensure that your thoughts are gathered as you breathe so that your mind does not defeat the purpose of this relaxation technique. Several studies have proven that physical and mental well-being are related. By taking care of your body, you are taking steps to prevent any form of anxiety.

Take care of your mind


Another way to reduce anxiety is to banish every form of anxiety altogether and ensure that you force yourself to look on the bright side of things, particularly when the people around you criticize you for being nervous. It is worth stressing that you will only make it worse in the long run by trying to suppress your anxiety. You should engage in self-compassion rather than judge yourself for being anxious or stressed. You can try to reminisce about good moments with your loved ones, including your grandparents, parents, and siblings. You can also try to write a compassionate letter to yourself and then read it when required.

Abstain behaviors that trigger or feed anxiety


You might have probably observed that you get anxious more when you go through social media pages, including Twitter and Facebook. Besides, scientists have discovered that checking news often during the global pandemic – for at least two and half hours per day – contributed more to significant anxiety. Therefore, it is only wise to abstain from activities like this that trigger any form of anxiety. However, it might prove rather difficult to stop. You should try to track the amount of time you spend on the internet – this represents the first step that motivates change. Use a timer to adhere to this preset period.

Find a way out of your mind


A more permanent panacea that can prevent anxiety is simply by engaging in something meaningful, which can connect you with your environment. Scientists have found that briefly ignoring your worries and then placing your focus on achieving a long-term goal can help you reduce worries and anxiety. Step out into nature and drown yourself in music or art while exploring every corner of your neighborhood. Besides this, you might also immerse yourself in several projects or simply do something you find pleasure doing.

Connect with loved ones


The lockdown restrictions should not prevent you from connecting with friends and family. This is a difficult time for humanity, in general. For this reason, there is a great need to maintain contact with loved ones. Even though large gatherings are not supported, a small meeting with vaccinated friends is not a bad idea while observing every safety guideline. If you feel this is stressful, you can always reach loved ones via mobile devices. There are several apps, including WhatsApp video calls, which can enable you to make video calls with multiple people at the same time. Doing this is quite beneficial not only for your physical health but also for your mental and emotional well-being. Indeed, technology has made life easier and call, as well as texting, can be an essential act in this period. According to experts, the importance of connecting with loved ones must not be ignored.

Control what you can

It is safe to affirm that there are several aspects of life that you have no control over. In difficult times like this, it is only wise to place focus on the things that you can control. The whole world is going through difficult times and as uncertain as the future can be for humanity, you should try to make peace with the fact that uncertainty is part of living. Otherwise, you will have your mind troubled by a global crisis that is beyond you. Understanding and appreciating the fact that you have no control over all things can be crucial in these rough periods. Always try to focus on the positive things around you, including restoration and repair. You can also choose to help people, nature, and animals. According to several studies, it has been proven that you will find a path to well-being and happiness when you help others.


It is important to remember that life can get pretty overwhelming. For this reason, all of us should do things that can help us live in the present moment. The tips above – when followed diligently – can ensure that the pressure and anxiety associated with the emergence of omicron will be significantly reduced.