A chaise lounge will bring elegance and style to your room and offer a comfortable and relaxing spot to read, take a nap, or binge-watch your favorite series. Whether the chaise is going in the living room or bedroom, it will instantly upgrade the décor. Let’s look at some of the different types of chaise lounges to help you make the best decision for your home.

Armless chaise lounges include a backrest on one end and no arms. Unlike one-armed models, or armless ones can be placed whichever way you prefer. They work great when placed against a wall as they save on space and provide seating for guests.


A chaise lounge has a single arm that juts from the backrest and protrudes halfway down the chair. The style is often a traditional arm like the one you’d find on an armchair or a slight backrest extension.

A single-arm one also complements your current seating arrangements. It provides seating for two people sitting upright, adding more seating for guests.

Then there is your two-armed chaise lounge which does not look as streamlined as its counterparts. However, they make a great choice for watching a movie or kicking back and relaxing. Perfect for the living or family room, or your bedroom, comfort is the main theme of this piece of furniture.

A double-ended chaise lounge features a backrest at each end with no arms. The design of the double-ended – makes them just right for placing at the foot of your bed or directly under a window. This style also makes them less suitable for reclining, but they still offer the elegance and comfort of any other lounge design.


Once you’ve settled on a style, it is time to choose a material, and when it comes to chaise lounges, there are plenty of options. The most important considerations are which material is best for your household’s lifestyle and budget.

Leather is well known for its durability and comfort. It’s a classic that falls right in line with the elegance offered by a chaise lounge. Allergy sufferers love this material as it doesn’t provide a home for dust mites like fabrics. On top of that, it’s extremely simple to clean and maintain. A soft cloth removes any spills, and polishing it now and then will help it keep its sheen.

The only drawbacks are leather can be a bit pricey, and it’s available in few colors and finishes than many of the fabrics. If you don’t purchase animal products, a faux leather option is less expensive and has many of the same benefits as leather.

Cotton is a popular material used in constructing chaise lounges if you want a natural and breathable fabric. Because it’s breathable, you don’t have to worry about your legs sticking to it during the hotter months. Cotton is also surprisingly durable and cleans easily. Just be careful when dealing with lighter colors, as they will absorb the color from your clothing.


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Cotton chaises come in a large selection of colors, and the fabric is washable. Stain removers easily lift marks left behind by accidental spills. But one thing that can’t be fixed is the fading of the color if exposed to the sun for long periods.

The shabby chic appearance of a linen chaise lounge adds a casual indifference to the space. The linen chaise is more of an accent piece and shouldn’t be placed in a high-traffic area for regular use. Several prints and colors are available with linen, but the material wrinkles very easily and won’t stand up to heavy use.

Polyester-covered comes in various finishes and colors, like satin, velour, and canvas. And they are usually less expensive than other materials, so this option is for you if you’re working with a strict budget.


When selecting your new chaise lounge, choose a style that complements your decor. Modern and contemporary rooms get a style boost when adding a chaise lounge to the decor. Bold colors work well as statement pieces against a more neutral background.

If you want to break from a traditional theme, choose simple yet sophisticated styles with a microsuede or polyester finish to modernize the look.

If you want to keep your traditional décor, leather or cotton chaise lounges are a beautiful complement. A leather one screams classic, timeless traditional style. However, if your color palette is lighter and the furniture more elegant, natural cotton or linen with a light finish will look better in the space. One-armed works best with traditional decor.

If minimalism is more your style, a streamlined chaise lounge is what you need. Keep the clean lines of the chair free of busy finishes that will only be a distraction from the simple elegance. Simple metal frames and sleek leather styles work well in minimalist homes. Microsuede is another option if you are budget-conscious.


If you prefer a country or cottage décor, light-colored linen and cotton chaise lounges will supply the rustic elements you need. Wooden legs and arms mesh well with rustic decor and harmonize nicely with other wooden furniture in the space.

Chaise lounges are not normally associated with industrial looks, but they will fit beautifully into your surroundings with some creativity.

Dark leather and metal-framed are the best choices to match the cool hues of industrial-style decor. Make sure to choose simple models with clean lines and no embellishments. That will prevent the chaise from clashing with other items.

If you still aren’t sure which chaise lounge will fit with your home’s décor, don’t hesitate to contact a design specialist for a free consultation. They will answer any questions regarding the furniture and help you find the perfect piece for your situation. So don’t procrastinate any longer; visit the website today and order your new chaise lounge.