Forex operations make it possible to make profits quickly with limited capital. On Forex, investors can operate with various accounts. Beginners can use the demo account to test their capabilities with fictitious money. Standard and Premium accounts are suitable for regular investors. These are regular types of trading accounts we represent in this article. We recommend checking out the CTL Markets Review and seeing the variety of the accounts they offer. You can check WiBestBroker for more information.

The demo account

One of the things you will notice when forex trading is just how many losses you make at the beginning. It is for this reason that most people prefer using the demo account. Using the demonstration account, it is possible to perform all transactions without making any investments. The user will benefit from the same analytical tools as conventional operations.

Trading platforms usually offer a demonstration account for 30 to 180 days. A limit is imposed since the platforms want customers to invest real money and not transform Forex into a financial game platform. The good thing with these platforms is within that time; you can easily learn whatever you need to learn to become a great trader. Some sites will even give you a couple of pointers. It helps you figure out what the trades are al about and how you can make good money out of it.

The Forex Mini-Account


Internet users mastering Forex with demonstration accounts can register to invest real money. Due to the reluctance of beginners to invest all of their capital, trading companies offer mini accounts that make it possible to invest short sums.

Thus, a novice can embark on Forex with an initial capital of 500 euros. However, the use of the account is limited to certain areas. Certain currencies are not available with the mini-account, which benefits from a leverage effect of 500. For capital of 500 euros, a leverage of 500 makes the possible investment of 250,000 euros. The mini account is suitable for investors who learn about Forex and want to profit.

Standard account

The standard account is undoubtedly the most versatile of Forex accounts. It allows operations on all currencies. It is offered with a complete kit of analysis tools and has no limit on the amount of capital invested.

You have to pay more than 5000 euros to open a standard account. The payment of the sum seems consistent to become professional and invest in Forex. If you have been trading for a while on your mind account, then this is a great step in the right direction. The amount of money needed is not too much, but you still stand a chance of making some good returns if your strategies are done well. Standard accounts work well with newbies in trading who have some know-how on trading.

The Premium Account for Major Investments


The Premium account is intended for the largest forex investors. The minimum deposit required is EUR 150 000, and this account allows for a variety of options for refining the investment strategy. While it might seem like a lot of one, it usually brings back great returns and is preferred by people willing to risk their money for the bigger profit.

It is possible to invest in all currency pairs and use leverage without any limit. The Premium account offers unlimited access to all specialized courses in society. Premium accounts work perfectly for traders who want to do it full time and have spent time making different trades. The returns encourage most people to join because they are so much better.

Thanks to the Premium account, it can perfect its investment technique to achieve maximum profit.

The administered Forex account


Among the different categories of Forex accounts is the administered account. The principle is to partner with a third party to carry out the transactions.

This individual is usually an experienced trader made available to the investor by the trading company. It comes in handy if you have the money to invest in Forex but do not have the time to trade in it. It is also a great way to make passive income from the money you might have lying around doing nothing.

The advisor will not be able to make withdrawals or deposits without the investor’s permission. Its main role is to advise on the most profitable investments. Rates and salaries are concluded between the investor and the advisor. Some agents receive a monthly salary, while others receive a commission on the number of successful transactions

Figuring out how to pay your investor will ensure that the two of you can work well together. Ensure you retrace the advisor and the people he has worked for. That way, you will not feel sidelined when it comes to the end of the month. You can go to to create a site that will attract the right advisors.


It also helps if you have basic knowledge of trading. That way, you get to see what is happening in our account, and you can figure out if the investor is making the right choices for you. When it comes to this kind of account, it is best not to invest money you are afraid of losing. It can lead to a lot of disappointment later on, and you will feel like you lost money easily.

Before you start trading in Forex, take your time and figure out what account you will be using to trade. As seen above, the account you pick will come with its perks, and you need to be keen on ensuring you have an account that works for you. While there is a chance of you upgrading to a different account, starting with the right one will put you in a great place as you start trading. The pointers above go to how much potential these forex accounts have and their perks.