It is now more than two years since the outbreak started. A lot of mistakes were made when it comes to methods that could be used to deal with the spread more effectively. It all seemed impossible at the beginning when the virus became to spread in China. People from western countries thought that it will be easy to handle that by adding some restrictions to cities with infected people. However, it needed only a couple of months before the whole world got into a serious problem.

The biggest issue is that many countries didn’t know how to react on time and in the right way. While some of them started with stronger restrictions on time, the problem is that most of them though that there is no need for that. Also, everyone was concerned about the economic impact that closing the borders will have on the global economy. However, when things became serious, countries had to come up with strong measures and quarantine that was active in most countries all over the world. In most cases, it lasted for around two months, and during that time, even leaving your house was not allowed at times.


People became frustrated, and while the numbers of infected and died is increasing fast, there is also an increase of those who don’t even believe that there is an outbreak at all. There were two big groups of people created very quickly. One that is claiming how the virus is not dangerous as the news are saying, and another one that was for even more restrictive measures.

The point where big companies started to working on a new vaccine is the moment that gave hope to many that the situation with the pandemic will be over soon. However, the process was slow. It is important to note that the development of a vaccine usually last for more than five years, but companies from China, Russia, and the US managed to create one in a much shorter time. While there are different levels of efficiency seen in these vaccines, there are many people who claim that they are even worst for the condition of people, especially kids. You can read more about potential side effects if you click here.

People again started forming the groups, which are still active today, and one are against the vaccination, while others think that the current regulations related to being vaccinated to travel must stay active for a longer time so don’t have to face another pandemic again. There is a spread of new on various online platforms where people are claiming and supporting both sides. A lot of big companies, especially those in tech sector began to ban content that is against the vaccination, but it is questionable whether this method is effective as well.


During the last two years, more than half a billion people were infected, and over 6 million of them died from the infection. Things became much better with positive results provided by the measures and increased number of vaccinated people.

However, there is another important thing to understand about society, and how this whole situation affected all of us during these two years. A lot of things changed during this time. We can start from regular jobs, where a lot of people had to work from home, while a lot of people in some industries faced some serious struggles. For example, those who are working in hotels, restaurants, airports, and all other sectors where service is included had to close their companies and shops for some time.

Furthermore, many countries issued new measures of help targeting those groups that are affected financially. While that was good for the people, there is a chance that the whole world will face some consequences of that as well. Increased printing of money and uneven share of it among people, along with closed productions, and many other problems in the global economy might lead to another big recession similar to one that happened in 2008. There is also an ongoing crisis in Ukraine, and struggles in Europe to deal with their resources since more than 50% of gas and other resources is imported from Russia.


All groups of people are affected by the pandemic in some way. There is an increase of people with mental issues like anxiety and depression, which is one of the biggest issues in today’s society. We were bombed with the news about the diseased and the spread of virus every day. Also, a lot of people were locked down in their apartments for a long time. These are some of the factors that led to increased negative trends.

Moreover, people in the news were constantly saying that social distance is the best way to prevent the pandemic, which is the case. However, people are social beings, and forcing them to avoid each other all the time is also leading to some negative effects. While there are advanced ways of connecting with people with smartphones and other devices, nothing can replace visiting someone in public.

The fact is that a lot of people are still worried about the virus and not sure whether the situation is over or not. While we can have a break from lockdowns and become more social again, there is still a chance for further problems. The best example of that is China, where some cities are still locked.


Different groups of people are getting though this in a different way. For example, older generations are in a much bigger fear since they have higher chances of facing bigger consequences from the infection. That led many of them to lock themselves in their homes and avoid seeing their families and friends. Still, it is only a short-term solution since avoiding everyone for a longer time can lead to even bigger mental problems.

On the other side, younger people are feeling the effects of this as well. The main factors that are causing these problems are combined news where you can find stories from both sides, risk of getting in much serious financial issues, and a chance to get through all of this again at some point.