Without a doubt – by choosing natural wood flooring for your floor, you are guaranteed to achieve a unique and comfortable atmosphere in your home. Parquet is one of the most popular and elegant types of wood flooring. In this article, we will tell you a little more about its benefits.

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The main advantage of this type of floor is undoubtedly its durability. Although over time, like any other material, it can wear and tear, it is very easy to repair and quickly return it to its former beauty. After sanding, your floor will look as if it has just been laid. When you choose parquet as your flooring, you are being wise because you are investing in the long term. With proper installation and basic care, you don’t have to refinish your parquet every year, and it will last 10, 20, 30 and even 50 years!


Ease of maintenance

The second advantage of this type of floor is that it is easy to maintain and care for. Parquet has the advantage of quick cleaning, it does not accumulate harmful bacteria like carpeting. To take care of the parquet, all you have to do is remove dust and debris and damp clean it with a special protective agent.

Classic Style

It always looks elegant and cozy despite time and trends. As noted by designers, 75% of the time they prefer parquet as flooring when planning design projects because it never goes out of style and always looks very stylish. You won’t regret it if you replace your aged carpets in 2-3 years with a good wood floor.



Parquet floors don’t trap dirt or collect bacteria, so you can have peace of mind about the cleanliness of the air in your home. For the same reason, wood floors are always suitable if a family member suffers from allergies.

The value of your home

Contrary to popular belief that renovations have little or no effect on the value of your home, hardwood floors may be an exception in this regard. A good hardwood floor always looks “expensive,” and if you ever decide to sell your home, a quality hardwood floor may even increase the value of your home.


Easy color changes

If you’ve decided to redesign your floor or are just tired of the color of your floor, you can change it in just a couple of days. Sand your parquet, oil or color varnish it, and your floor will look completely different! Sanding parquet is a much less time consuming process than sanding laminate or tile. After sanding, all you have to do is thoroughly clean up the dust and apply a finish coat, so you can change the style and color of your floor when you want to update your decor!

Learn more about the benefits of parquet

In addition to its great appearance and environmental cleanliness, parquet flooring has other advantages related to performance:

  • Heat capacity. Parquet flooring does not require additional insulation. The natural material has its own temperature and traps drafts and cold from the concrete base. Underfloor heating systems with a water loop – prohibited, due to the possibility of leaks and condensation.
  • Sound transparency. Parquet boards retain sound due to the deaf multilayer structure. Over time, the parquet can begin to creak. This provokes a violation of the technology of laying or installation of floor screed, humidity or dryness in the apartment or house. But you can get rid of it – how, see here.
  • Inertness to dynamic pressure, impact of dropped objects. It does not have maximum resistance – heels, claws of pets, will be able to leave dents or scratches on it, especially on the waxed or oiled surface. But it is easy to bring parquet to its original appearance, in contrast to the tiles or linoleum.
  • Individual elements of this parquet are not able to accumulate static electricity, which makes the material very pleasant to the touch and improves the tactile sensation.
  • The range of types of this material is so great and varied, allowing you to pick up the option that is suitable for any interior solution.
  • The laying of the parquet is much faster and easier than the laying of the parquet block. First of all, this is due to the large size of the individual elements of the material. At the same time, the laying can be done independently, even without special skills and installation experience.
  • The possibility of restoring the decorativeness. Parquet can be sanded, repeated treatment with varnish will protect the coating from abrasion, strengthen the shade and increase moisture resistance.

Recommendations for choosing

Before buying parquet flooring it is important to answer several questions. Depending on the answers, an idea of the option is formed:

  1. Where the parquet is purchased – in a house or an apartment. In the latter housing option, the climate is stable, but the lifestyle is different. Read more in the article “How to choose a parquet in the apartment”.
  2. type of room. Parquet is suitable for everything – living rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms. But each of them has its own characteristics, such as passive activity, which affects the condition of the surface of the expensive floor covering.
  3. Timely prevention. It is worth considering whether there is time to keep the parquet in pristine condition – some types of parquet are fastidious in care and require the hand of a master when restoring.

Another important question is the cost. Does it make sense to buy expensive parquet, if the previous answers raise doubts? The average price range is the optimal test of the owners’ willingness to maintain hardwood floors.

There are two options for covering the top layer of parquet: Varnish and Oil.

The first to coat parquet in oil were public establishments, bars, cafes and restaurants. These establishments have a heavy load on the flooring, shoes, heels, street dirt and the parquet needs to be renewed often.

The weakness of lacquer is that chips and scratches easily appear on it, on oiled flooring it is less noticeable. On top of that, refinishing a lacquer finish requires a full sanding and then re-lacquering – not only is this time consuming, but you also need to completely clean the room of the furniture in it.

Renewing an oil-based coating does not require sanding – just manually soak the floor in a few layers of oil. This can easily be done by yourself at home.


Parquet showrooms have oiled parquet and varnished parquet, you will not see the difference, check this information with the manager of the salon and consult what is better for you.

Despite the fact that, like any other natural flooring, the parquet flooring has several disadvantages, its use in the interior is justified by its many advantages. For example, the modern way of life often doesn’t demand from the floor such durability which is possessed by the solid board and piece parquet, because the interior can be changed after numerous repairs. When you move, laid parquet can be dismantled and re-laid in another room. Based on all of the above, we can make a clear conclusion that hardwood floors have significantly more advantages than disadvantages.