It’s no secret that the Swedish gambling industry is very competitive and one of the most regulated ones in Europe. The reason is partly due to their laws, which set clear limits on what kind of games players can gamble on and how much they can stake.

On top of these stringent rules and guidelines, casinos in Sweden also have a game break system in place, known locally as Spelstopp. This game break system is in place to ensure that players do not lose too much money or get carried away with their gambling.

What Is ‘Spelstopp’?

Spelstopp is a Swedish term for ‘Game Stop’ or ‘Gambling Stop’ in English, which is the exact effect that the system has on players. It does not ban them from placing bets but moves them away from their favorite games when they risk becoming too immersed in gambling instead of having fun. In other words, it’s a system that helps players keep their gambling habits in check and avoid any negative consequences.

In 2019, the Spelpaus system was introduced. There were around 8,800 players that registered, and the number is continuously increasing.

Addressing Gambling Addiction Problem In Sweden


The game break system is just one of the ways that Sweden tries to address the problem of gambling addiction. The country has long been struggling with this issue, so they have such strict laws and regulations when it comes to gambling.

In 2018, a study showed that 1.3% of the population suffered from a gambling addiction, a relatively small number but still concerning. The study also showed that men were more likely to suffer from this type of addiction than women and that people between 16 and 87 were the most at-risk group.

In response to these findings, the Swedish government has been working hard to address the problem and has implemented several initiatives to help people with gambling addiction. Spelstopp is one of their measures to combat addiction problems since it limits player spending and provides players with a way out if they feel they are getting too immersed in gambling.

How Does It Work?


Spelpaus is a system that allows players to take a break from their favorite casino games for a predetermined amount of time. This time can be anything from one to three or six months, or until the player has reached a predetermined limit on the amount they have wagered.

Since all casinos in Sweden are required to be a part of the Spelpaus system, players simply need to create an account and limit their spending. They then have the option to take a break from any or all of the casinos they are registered with.

The casino automatically triggers the system when it detects that a player is showing signs of gambling too much or losing too often.

Spela Trots Spelstopp: How To Continue Playing Despite Game Stop

If, for some reason, things changed for the player’s status and they wished to get back into gaming, they have the option to play at casinos that offer a way around the gaming break and can be accessed by people in Sweden.

Spelpaus only affects casinos that are legally operating in Sweden. According to you have the option to play at foreign casinos and other legal casino sites that are registered outside Sweden.

With casinos outside of Sweden, there are no restrictions in place, and you can continue to play without a game stop. You can check out this video to learn more on how to continue playing despite game stop.

Of course, before you decide to get back into a gaming limit, consider whether your time and resources would be better spent on other things and activities, such as shopping or traveling with family or friends. Spelpaus is set to ensure that people do not lose sight of their lives outside of gambling and avoid any potential addiction.

What Are The Advantages?

The Spelstopp system is designed with both players and casinos in mind. For the casinos, it provides a way to moderate and control their players responsibly and moderately. On the other hand, it gives struggling players access to help when things get out of control.

How Does It Benefit Players?

There are several ways in which Spelstopp benefits players.

  • For one, it’s impartial and non-discriminatory. There are no exemptions for specific players since the system equally applies to all of them.
  • The system also helps players struggling with their gambling habits instead of helping casinos take advantage of them. It’s because it places certain restrictions on players and makes sure that they take a break when they need it.

What Are The Disadvantages?


There are no known disadvantages associated with the Spelstopp system. Of course, players aren’t obligated to use it since they can choose not to sign up for an account.

However, if you decide to play at legal casinos in Sweden, this is a safe and practical idea to ensure that you have a good time without suffering any negative consequences.

In a way, the system can be seen as a safeguard for both players and casinos. It helps protect players from overspending or getting into trouble with their gambling habits, while also ensuring that casinos can responsibly keep track of their players.

The main disadvantage of the Spelstopp system is that it can be inconvenient for some players who want to continue gaming without any restrictions. However, this is considered a minor inconvenience compared to the system’s benefits.

Overall, the Spelpaus system is an excellent way for players and casinos to safely and responsibly regulate their gambling habits.

How Effective Is The Game Break System?

All registered casinos in Sweden that offer gambling services are obligated to use the Spelstopp system. It means that all players in Sweden who gamble at legal casinos must go through the game break process.

As a result, the system is highly effective and has been praised by both players and casinos for its ability to keep gambling in check.


Since its introduction in 2019, the Spelstopp system has helped thousands of Swedish players, and the number continues to grow every day.

In addition, the Spelstopp system has been recognized for its ability to limit the problem of gambling instead of discriminating against players who do not have a gambling addiction. Thus, making it a better option than other systems that have come under fire for being ineffective and unfair.

Final Note

Players aren’t obligated to use the Spelstopp system, but it’s highly recommended that you do so if you’re going to gamble at a legal casino in Sweden. For players who want to continue gaming without any restrictions, there are ways to get around Spelpaus, but it’s best to be reminded that a break might not be a bad idea.

Spelstopp is one of the best ways to take a break or stop playing at Swedish casinos. The system ensures that gamers reserve their time and money for family, friendships, and other hobbies.