Besides dogs, cats are the most common pets in our homes. They are known as very affectionate, attached – but also stubborn little creatures that are sometimes difficult to restrain. We should also keep in mind the famous cat nature, and the fact cats are hunters. So maybe in certain ways, buying a cage is more justified for cats than for dogs – and here’s why.

Cats: From Primitive Hunter To A House Pet

They are soft, curious, and very intelligent. They can be real hunters, and at the same time, the sweetest creatures. The truth is that cats used to be hunters until man domesticated them. Still, their nature and temperament have retained some of that primordial behavior even though we have provided them today with a completely different lifestyle than before. Although many people claim that cats are more attached to the house than to the owners and family – we must point out that this is a prejudice. Any true cat lover will tell you that the situation is the other way around. Although they require fewer responsibilities than dogs – cats still require certain comfort and attention.

Cat Cage: A Trend Or A Necessity


When we talk about the level of comfort of cats – it is essentially related to their physical and emotional health, as well as behavior. To pay attention to some fundamental needs – you need to have a basic knowledge of your cat’s needs when it comes to her environment. One of the needs for both pets and owners is to buy a cage or cat carrier. It can serve you as a large cat house, or a place where your cat will feel safe. Many people think it’s just a pet fashion trend, but the truth is you’re gonna need it. Although at first glance this may seem more necessary for pets such as dogs – the situation is quite different. Therefore, we can say that the cat’s nature is such that you will need this prop. We will give you a few reasons for this.

Why Buying A Cat Cage?

Transportation needs

Of course, this is always the most important reason why we decide to buy a cat carrier or cage. The reason is very simple. You need to take your cat from one location to another – and cats aren’t always obedient, and you can’t drive them in a car expecting them to be calm. Therefore, if you take a cat to a veterinarian, for example – this is a logical choice. Safety always comes first, and you can’t be safe if your cat jumps all over the car, distracting you. It is the same if you take your cat on a vacation where you will travel by plane. Entry into public transport or air transport is allowed only if your pet is secured inside a cage or transporter. Finally, some owners take their cats to shows, where standards are set – and those cats must be housed in cages and aviaries.

You already have cats and you are bringing a new cat into the house


Cats are known to be very territorial animals that are not too happy when some newcomers disturb their pace of life. If it is a cat from the same litter or the same family – then other cats will probably accept it in a better way. However, if you are bringing a new cat into the house, then you need to be careful. Here you will find yourself facing a challenge because you have to introduce the new cat to those that have already marked their territory – and this can sometimes be inconvenient. Therefore, the new member should be placed in a cage that will serve as a cat house. By putting a cat in a cage, you can allow the newcomer and your previous cats to meet, sniff, and accept each other. When things fall into place, you can slowly introduce a new member to an existing cat family.

Having a shelter and creating habits in cats

Just like puppies, small kittens are often able to make a mess around. No, we don’t just mean running, tearing, and nibbling on furniture – we have in mind their hygienic habits. Cats are by nature very clean animals that will get used to the litter-box very easily. However, according to aivituvin, until they get used to their new environment – it is better to keep them in a cage. Also, if you have a mama-cat that has got kittens – a cage will be a good solution, both for the toilet – and the feeling of being tucked away. While they are very young, kittens and their mother should have their own space in which they will feel safe and protected.

Isolation in case of illness


It happens that the owners have several cats, and one of them might get sick. Cat viral diseases can sometimes be a danger to the entire litter. Such infectious diseases can sometimes be dangerous for other animals such as dogs – and some diseases, so-called zoonoses, can even be transmitted to humans. Therefore, buying a cage in which you will isolate a sick cat – is one of the better solutions. Otherwise, a sick cat can walk around the house and thus spread the disease to other cats

Provide Your Cat With Everything She Needs

In order to provide cats with the best possible life, you need to understand their basic needs and patterns of behavior. That applies to all cats, regardless of their lifestyle. A cat develops better if we give it shelter. This includes several separate places for feeding, resting, scratching, toilet, and a cage. However, cats need to be provided with more chances to play and or practice their predatory behavior – as well as positive, regular interaction with other animals and humans. All of this should take place in an environment that respects the importance of how your cat experiences the world and the creatures in the environment.


In the end, we can conclude that buying a cat cage is just as normal as when you have a dog or some other pet. It will be mostly used for transport, but we should not forget other reasons why it is wise to get a cage or at least a small transport bag. Therefore, give your cat what she needs, and it will also be way easier for you as the owner.