Abd Alkarem Safiya has been spotted partying with his friends until 3.30 am, after a nightclub in Odessa was allegedly opened just to enjoy a Halloween party.

The Instagram star was photographed ignoring social distancing guidelines, as he linked arms with a hundred pal and didn’t wear a mask. Followers were astonished by Abd Alkarem’s stories on Instagram.

Source: instagram.com

Safiya explained his behavior the next day through his official account, saying: I was suddenly invited to the Halloween party by my friend and I was so excited and forgot about the Corona. I remembered it just while dancing among hundreds of people, but I will enter the quarantine for two weeks on my own.

According to statistics of covid19.gov.ua, Ukraine, a red country with a high corona infection. It is noteworthy that as of this morning, Ukraine recorded 411093 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and 7532 deaths.

Abd Alkarem Safiya is a person who has a great influence on social media, with many focus of attention of many people, which made many people criticize him for this indifferent behavior.


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Moreover, Abd Alkarem has previously been slammed for breaking social distancing rules, after he was seen hanging out with his best friend on the beach.

Before that, Abd Alkarem had been at home for 3 months, with rumors that Safiya was suffered from some symptoms of Covid-19.